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This year was a big one for UK coin collectors. We've enjoyed the launch of several new coin series from The Royal Mint, we've got new 50ps in circulation and now we've got a new monarch on our money. 

The national news is still focused on what Charles III becoming King means for our coins and banknotes. Meanwhile, we've been looking forward to 2023, keeping a weather eye on royal proclamations in the London Gazette. These formal announcements signpost upcoming Royal Mint releases and we can already tell there's some great stuff in the pipeline, plus a host of traditional, annual issues that are just around the corner.

Here's what we know so far about upcoming releases from the UK's national mint.

2023 Definitive And Commemorative Annual Sets

Early in the New Year, The Royal Mint usually offers a range of annual sets featuring both definitive and commemorative UK coins. You'll find these sets available in BU and proof finishes with a limited number offered in gold, silver and even platinum.

We're anticipating the release of a wide range of new sets for 2023, including: 

Want to be the first to get hold of a 2023 Annual Set? Use the links above to sign up for product alerts. As the first annual sets of King Charles III's reign these ones are likely to be very popular.

2023 Charles III Coronation Year Sovereigns

We were looking forward to a 2023 Sovereign release in the autumn of 2022. The surprise 2022 Memorial Sovereign (the second 2022-dated Sovereign) switched up this schedule, pushing the release of the 2023 Sovereign into King Charles' coronation year. Will we see a special coronation Sovereign with a unique commemorative reverse? We're not sure yet but while we're all waiting now's a good time to sign up for product alerts on 2023 proof Sovereigns, proof Half Sovereigns, bullion 'full' Sovereigns, 3-coin sets, 4-coin sets and 5-coin sets. We'll drop you an email the moment we have these eagerly anticipated 22-carat gold coins available to purchase.

25 Years Of Magic Harry Potter Collection

2023 will see the release of two new coins in the 25 Years of Magic collection with spellbinding designs based on Jim Kay's Harry Potter illustrations. The Royal Mint are conjuring up 50ps and ounce coins featuring Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the coming months.

While the first two coins in the set (Harry Potter and Hogwarts Express) show Jody Clark's portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, the next two will use Martin Jennings' portrait of King Charles.

Find out more and get a full product list on the BCC blog: Accio Numismatica! Royal Mint to Conjure Up Harry Potter Coins.

New Design In The Great Engravers Series

This time last year the BCC office was in the middle of Gothic Crown mania. The Quartered Arms coin had been released and we were looking forward to the Portrait. These coins marked the third and fourth releases in The Royal Mint's Great Engravers series, following reissues of Una and the Lion and the Three Graces. So far this premium coin collection has focused on the work of William Wyon who was Chief Engraver to the Mint in the early 19th century. Will we see another Wyon design in 2023? Or will the Great Engravers look to another British engraver for the next issue?

New British Monarchs Coins Incoming

The Royal Mint's definitely looking to the past for inspiration at the moment and the British Monarchs collection, launched in 2022, is a testament to this. The coins in this range celebrate some of the remarkable Kings and Queens that have graced British money down the centuries. 21 coins are planned but we can expect four to be released in 2023:

These precious metal coins will feature remastered versions of historic royal coin portraits. The Mint's original schedule also featured a Charles I British Monarchs coin but that's not mentioned in the Proclamation. Too many Charles'? 

Roosevelt And Churchill Bullion Coins

A 16 December Proclamation teases a new investment collection themed around the so-called 'Special Relationship' between the United Kingdom and the United States. The phrase comes from a 1946 speech by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who features on these 1/4oz gold and 1oz silver bullion coins alongside President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The inscription will read 'UNITED STATES – UNITED KINGDOM A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP' along with the date and composition. The concept was originally scheduled for a 2021 release and appears to have been revived.

The same Proclamation indicates that these will be accompanied by new Royal Arms bullion coins as well as new additions to the Gold Standard range in 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz sizes.

Windrush Generation 75th Anniversary Fifty Pence

Empire Windrush Generations 50p Coin Royal Mint 2023.

In 1948 the HMT Empire Windrush carried 1027 passengers (plus two stowaways) from Jamaica to London. 75 years on, the ship's arrival has become symbolic of the generation of post-war migrants who came to live in Britain and The Royal Mint is acknowledging their contributions and struggles with a new 50p.

Thanks to an 11 November Proclamation we know that the reverse design will show a man, a woman, the Union Jack and the number 75, along with the inscription: 'WINDRUSH GENERATIONS'.

The Windrush 50 Pence will likely be issued in an individual presentation on 22 June 2023 to coincide with Windrush Day. Brilliant uncirculated, silver proof, piedfort silver proof, gold proof and platinum proof editions will be available.

National Health Service Fifty Pence

The National Health Service was founded the same year the Windrush arrived, bringing universal healthcare, free at the point of service, to all Brits. The NHS is a massive point of national pride so it's great to hear that we'll be getting a new 50p to mark the institution's 75th anniversary. A 16 December Proclamation tells us that this coin will feature an inscription that reads 'NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE 75' surrounded by words that describe the NHS. This coin will be available in BUnc, silver proof, piedfort silver proof, gold proof and platinum proof.

The Royal Mint previously marked fifty years of the NHS with another 50p (we've got 1998 piedfort silver proof and gold proof editions in stock now).

First Commemorative Bimetallic One Pound

We're getting a new definitive £1 coin in 2023. It's being issued to mark 40 years since the first of these decimal Pounds were put into circulation. The new design - the work of Kenyan-born British artist, Michael Armitage - will replace David Pearce's 'Nations Of The Crown' design, in use since 2017. The Mint have said that Armitage's One Pound:

'... will celebrate the culture, creativity, heritage and history of the UK in the 21st century.'

You'll be able to find this £1 in your change but there will also be commemorative editions available, likely in BU as well as gold and silver proof. 

Flying Scotsman Centenary Two Pound

Flying Scotsman Centenary Coin Two Pound UK Coin.

Earlier in the year we caught wind of three new Two Pounds, all detailed in a 10 June Proclamation. We haven't yet seen these coins so its safe to say they'll turn up sometime in 2023, likely in UK annual sets and then in an individual presentation

First up is a new bimetallic coin to mark 100 years since the 4472 Flying Scotsman entered service. Built in 1923, the world record-setting steam train ran between London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. Today you can see this LNER locomotive at the National Railway Museum in York. The commemorative 2 Pound coin will feature the words 'FLYING SCOTSMAN LNER 4472' and '1923 - 2023' with an inscribed edge reading 'LIVE FOR THE JOURNEY'.

It looks like the Flying Scotsman £2 will be available in BU, gold proof, silver proof, piedfort silver proof and platinum.

Edward Jenner Smallpox Vaccine Two Pound

Edward Jenner Smallpox Vaccine Two Pound UK Coin 2023.

We can also look forward to a new entry to the Innovation In Science collection, this time celebrating the achievements of British physician Edward Jenner. Known as 'the father of immunology', Jenner pioneered the world's first smallpox vaccine. 200 years after his death and in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, 2023 is a good time to honour his legacy. The upcoming £2 coin will feature an abstract smallpox cell and a representation of the people whose lives Jenner's vaccine saved, together with an inscription reading: 'EDWARD JENNER A VACCINE TO END SMALLPOX'. The edge of most coins will be lettered with the words: 'INNOVATION IN SCIENCE · JENNER'.

We're expecting to see these Edward Jenner Two Pounds in BU, silver proof, piedfort silver proof, gold proof and platinum proof.

J R R Tolkien 50th Anniversary Two Pound

J R R Tolkein Lord Of The Rings Two Pound Coin 2023 Royal Mint.

J R R Tolkien - author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings - passed away in 1973. Fifty years on, the father of modern fantasy literature joins a very small group of British authors to be celebrated on coinage with a Two Pound decorated with his distinctive monogram and lettering reading '1892 JRR TOLKIEN 1973 WRITER · POET · SCHOLAR'. The edge will read 'NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST' on most editions: a line from The Riddle of Strider from The Fellowship of the Ring. Again, these Tolkien 2 Pounds will be struck in BU, silver proof, piedfort silver proof, gold proof and platinum proof finishes.

King Charles 75th Birthday Five Pound Crown

Last but not least: we're getting a new Five Pound coin. The King turns 75 on 14 November 2023 and it looks like The Royal Mint are giving him a present in the form of a Crown with floral details, Charles' new royal cypher and the number 75. This will be accompanied by an inscription that reads 'HIS MAJESTY KING CHARLES III 1948 2023'. The edge will feature the words 'RESTORING HARMONY WITH NATURE' - a nod to Charles III's dedication to the environment. You can expect to see this 75th birthday coin in gold proof, silver proof, piedfort silver proof, BU and piedfort platinum proof.

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What new UK coins are you looking forward to in 2023? Have we missed any? Let us know over on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. We'll be sharing lots of information about upcoming releases in the New Year over on YouTube so make sure to follow us on there too!

Frequently Asked Questions

We're eagerly anticipating the release of the 2023 King Charles III Sovereign, due out sometime in 2023 though we don't have an exact date yet from The Royal Mint.

It looks like we'll still get a 2023 Charles III just a little later than we expected after the surprise release of the 2022 Memorial Sovereign. These new 22-carat gold Royal Mint coins should be available sometime soon.

We're expecting UK 2023 annual sets to be issued in early 2023. This has not been confirmed but it is when The Royal Mint has released annual sets in previous years.

UK coins issued in 2023 will all feature a portrait of King Charles III on the heads side. Coins with a portrait of The Queen can still be used and will not be withdrawn immediately.

The Royal Mint release new coins throughout the year. Usually, we can expect new annual sets to be issued early in the new year. Sometimes new coins are released to coincide with anniversaries.

The Britannia Coin Company supplies Royal Mint coins to customers around the world for a flat £15 delivery fee, regardless of the size of your order. All shipments are tracked and insured.

We can expect a new 2023 Sovereign from The Royal Mint in 2023 as well as an NHS 50p, a Windrush 50p, an Edward Jenner £2, a Flying Scotsman £2, a J R R Tolkein £2, a King Charles £5 to be released sometime this year.

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