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Waterloo Medal

Coming soon: a tribute to Benedetto Pistrucci's monumental Waterloo Medal in a two-coin release from The Royal Mint. Part of the sought-after Great Engravers collection, this issue will begin with the obverse design, which will be released in 2024, with the reverse design to follow in 2025.

The Waterloo Medal range from The Royal Mint is not yet available, with no details on the release date or mintages formally announced. We will update this page when more information is available.

What Is The Waterloo Medal?

The Waterloo Medal was commissioned to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, fought on 18 June 1815 in modern Belgium. The battle marked the culmination of the Napoleonic Wars, with a coalition including the United Kingdom winning a close-run victory over Napoleon Bonaparte's forces.

The Waterloo Medal was designed by a fiery Italian artist, Benedetto Pistrucci, best known for creating the St George and dragon design used on gold Sovereigns. Pistrucci took decades to complete the commemorative medal, which was never struck in his lifetime. Despite this, numismatists describe its intricate, allegorical engravings as some of the most impressive ever designed in Britain.

Pistrucci's Waterloo Medal should not be confused with the medal awarded to soldiers and officers who took part in the battle. The enormous 130-millimetre medal was intended to be given to dignitaries, including the allied leaders who are shown on the reverse. The obverse features the two victorious generals, the Duke of Wellington and Field Marshall Graf von Blücher, as well as a range of classical figures.

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The Great Engravers Collection

The Great Engravers series is a premium coin collection from the UK's national mint. These coins feature remastered versions of some of the most beautiful designs from British coinage history. Combining high-tech imaging equipment with traditional hand engraving, The Royal Mint's team have produced new coins that closely replicate rare originals.

Great Engravers coins are available to a select group of collectors in both 24-carat gold and 999 silver. They come in a range of different sizes, including some of the largest coins ever made in the United Kingdom. Every Great Engravers coin is UK legal tender and features a portrait of the reigning monarch on the obverse.

Initially, The Great Engravers collection exclusively focused on masterpieces by William Wyon but 2023 marked a change with a new release inspired by the work of 17th century engraver, Thomas Simon. Subsequent issues have profiled the work of Benedetto Pistrucci, starting with his St George and the dragon design, struck on 2024-dated coins.

Royal Mint Waterloo Medal Release

The Waterloo Medal is the second design attribute to Pistrucci to be re-created for The Great Engravers series.

The Royal Mint has announced that this issue will be in two parts, with the obverse design released first in 2024. The reverse of the medal will follow in 2025, marking 210 years since the battle.

A proclamation published in The London Gazette indicates that the choice of strikes will be as extensive as previous Great Engravers coins. Each design will be struck on proof coins ranging from a 2oz silver proof collectable to an enormous 5kg gold proof coin. 

The following sizes of Waterloo Medal coins will be available soon:

  • Waterloo Medal 5kg Gold Proof
  • Waterloo Medal 2kg Gold Proof
  • Waterloo Medal 1kg Gold Proof
  • Waterloo Medal 5oz Gold Proof
  • Waterloo Medal 2oz Gold Proof
  • Waterloo Medal 1kg Silver Proof
  • Waterloo Medal 10oz Silver Proof
  • Waterloo Medal 5oz Silver Proof
  • Waterloo Medal 2oz Silver Proof

It is likely that mintages for all Waterloo Coins will be notably low since the latest St George and the dragon release conformed to a trend of gradually decreasing issue limits from The Royal Mint.

The release date for the first Waterloo Medal coin is not yet confirmed but is believed to be imminent.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Royal Mint has not yet announced the release date or mintage figures for coins in their Waterloo Medal collection, part of The Great Engravers series. Since 15 June 2024 marks 209 years since the Battle of Waterloo, the release of these eagerly-anticipated coins might well be timed to coincide with the anniversary.


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