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Sell Your Coins

Thinking about selling your coins? Inherited a collection and not sure what it’s worth? Contact The Britannia Coin Company for free, no-obligation valuations.

We buy coins at market-leading prices, regardless of grade or country of origin. Whether they are ancient or modern, gold or silver, sparkling proof condition or otherwise: if you’re selling authentic coins then we are interested in them.

We provide a personal service that puts you in touch with our skilled staff, ensuring you get the best possible price for your coins. Drop by our shop in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, or contact us to get a fast valuation and same day payment. All our offers are no obligation, regardless of the size of your collection.

A Trusted Name

Our staff of coin and precious metal experts bring together decades of expertise to provide you with fair and accurate offers for your coins. We have the knowledge and industry know-how to identify and value any coin, from modern commemorative issues to ancient Roman money and everything in between.

The Britannia Coin Company is part of Gold-Traders (UK) Ltd which has been trading since 2008. Over the last decade we have built an outstanding reputation, thanks to our friendly, professional service and our fair prices.

We are proud members of the BNTAThe British Numismatic Trade Association. This is an independent body that works to uphold the reputation of specialist dealers in coins and medals. As members we are bound by the BNTA's Code of Ethics. This Code confirms our commitment to buying and selling authentic coins in a way that complies with relevant legal codes and good practice standards. The BNTA also maintains databases of stolen goods and common forgeries, both of which we refer to when purchasing coins.

There's no better testimony for our services than the hundreds of happy reviews we’ve received from customers. Here's some recent eKomi reviews:

'Very impressed with this service. The pricing is very good. Communication and delivery excellent. First place I look for coins and PMs.'

--- Donald S, 22nd April 2022

'Excellent service, very fast delivery, and goods were exactly as described on the website. I am delighted with this item. I highly recommend Britannia Coin to anyone buying from their website.'

--- Miles Dolphin, 21st April 2022

'Prompt service. Appreciate also your quick answer to my inquiry. The coin was just as advertised. I am very pleased with the whole buying experience. It was also helpful to be able to track the shipment from England across the Atlantic to the USA Thank you very much. I had been looking for a long time for a reasonably priced groat from this period. Sending my best wishes.'

--- Charles E, 30th March 2022

We ask online buyers to complete independent reviews through eKomi (where we’ve got an impressive 4.7 star rating) but you can also find independent reviews for our services on Google and Facebook.

Sell Your Coins Fast

We understand that you'd like to realise the value of your coins as soon as possible. For most coins and coin collections we can provide a speedy valuation while you wait. We have expert staff on hand during our opening hours, ready to inspect and assess your treasures.

If you're happy with our price we can pay you the same day, either by bank transfer or in cash.

For larger collections it might take us a little longer to provide a comprehensive and accurate valuation. As far as possible we will work to provide you with a figure within 24 hours.

The valuations we provide are the prices that we are prepared to pay for your coins.

You are under no obligation to sell to us and we encourage you to research the market and seek opinions from other experts. Even if you are not looking to sell right now, getting professional valuations can inform how you develop your collection.

All our coin valuations are free, except if you are seeking a probate valuation. See below for details or read our Probate Valuations guide.

Coins That We Buy

We are happy to buy any coins you're looking to sell.

This includes gold coins from the UK and across the world. We regularly buy gold Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns in any condition. Looking to liquidate some of your bullion holdings? We'll get you cash fast for British gold like Britannias as well as South African Krugerrands and US Eagles and more.

The same is true for silver coins. We're always happy to buy silver Britannias from any year, as well as international silver bullion coins like Austrian Philharmonics and Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz coins.

We also buy circulated silver coins. UK coins minted before 1947 contain some silver. We buy these old British coins like Crowns, Halfcrowns, Florins, Shillings, Sixpences and Threepences in bulk. Don't worry if you've got lots of them, our coin sorting machines help us quickly determine a price. For pre-decimal silver coins you can now sell online with our Pre-Decimal Calculator - more on that below.

Have you got collectible coins you're looking to sell? We buy all Royal Mint proof coins and sets as well as coins from other UK and international mints. We're especially interested in buying proof Sovereigns, gold and silver proof coins like £5 Crowns, £2s and 50ps, plus recent releases like the Music Legends collection or coins in The Great Engravers series.

We're also pleased to buy UK circulated coins. Found a Kew Gardens 50p in your change? In April 2022 we could offer you a whopping £150 for it. We can't always guarantee you that sort of pay out, and prices do change with the market, but we'll buy many special circulated coins like £2s and £1s for well above face value.

Old coins are what gets our lead numismatist, Mark, most excited. He's spent decades valuing everything from Ancient Greek Tetradrachms to copper Pennies of Queen Victoria. Mark's speciality is British hammered coinage but he and his team offer competitive prices for UK and world coins from any time period. Not sure what you've got? We’re happy to identify your coins for you for free.

In Person Valuations

We offer the best prices when we can view your coins in person. That's why we encourage anyone looking to sell coins to visit our premises in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Royal Wootton Bassett is located in Wiltshire, easy to get to from J16 of the M4. We're only six miles from Swindon which is served by trains on the London to Bristol line.

We're open from 9.30 to 17.00, Monday to Friday. Appropriately, our premises are in the former HSBC bank, on the High Street of this historic market town. Look for the Old Bank Antiques sign and come on in.

Our expert team are happy to complete a valuation while you wait. In the meantime you can take a look at the coins on display in our show room or browse an excellent range of small antiques.

If you've got a large consignment it may be worth calling ahead. Contact us on 01793 205 007 (yes, we're James Bond fans!) or email

Valuations From Home

If you're not local we can still help you sell your coins.

We can provide a guide price for you coins either over the phone or by email. If you choose to email us for a valuation we ask that you provide as much information as you have, including, where possible:

  1. An inventory of all the coins you would like a price for,
  2. Good quality photographs of the obverse and reverse of each piece, and
  3. Weights and diameters of each piece in your collection.

These details help us provide an accurate valuation. However, the price that we and other dealers pay for coins is dependent on their condition or 'grade'. It can be hard to get a clear idea of this from images or descriptions so we cannot guarantee prices until we have seen the items in person.

If you're happy with our provisional valuation we'll help you arrange secure transport of your coins to our offices for assessment. We'll confirm our buy price with you before issuing payment by bank transfer.

Sell Your Old Silver Coins

Did you know that the coins in your change used to contain real silver?

For centuries, the Royal Mint made their silver coins from sterling silver: an alloy containing 92.5% pure silver. From 1920 the amount of silver in British coins was reduced to 50%. The silver content was entirely removed from 1947 and coins were instead made of silver-coloured cupronickel.

If you've got old Crowns, Half-Crowns, Florins, Shillings, Sixpences, or Three Penny Pieces with a pre-1947 date on them, they likely contain a significant amount of silver. Regardless of the condition of your coins, their silver content makes them valuable and we're eager to buy them from you.

It's easy to sell your British pre-decimal silver coins with our Pre-Decimal Calculator.

Using this online tool can provide you with instant prices by weight, face value or denomination. All you need to do is sort your old silver coins by date. Getting paid is as simple as posting your coins to us. If you pay for next day shipping we can pay you that evening. It couldn't be easier.

How We Value Your Coins

There's a few key steps to valuing coins and our team have it down to a fine art.

First, we'll conduct a careful inspection of any images or inventories you provide us. If you've brought your coins to us in person we'll pop them under a microscope, part of the top-of-the-line kit we have ready to use in our offices. We might also use our XRF machine. This piece of equipment can tell use the chemical composition of your items in seconds.

The second step is identification. Sometimes we can ID a coin instantly: that's the value of having decades of collective experience. Other times we have to hit the books. We're lucky to have an extensive reference library as well as subscriptions to a few specialist websites that help us pin point exactly what you've got.

After this we assess the condition of your coins. The 'grade' of a coin can impact what it's worth significantly. Coins that look like they're fresh from the mint are generally more valuable that those with some wear. We grade coins the British way with letter grades like 'EF' ('Extremely Fine') or 'VF' ('Very Fine'). We realise this can be confusing so we're always happy to talk through our grading practices.

Finally we calculate a price. Our prices for bullion coins vary on the precious metals market which can go up and down throughout the day. We’ll always use the up-to-the-minute price to get you the best possible deal. For reference, our bullion prices typically exceed 90% of the gold or silver value while other dealers might offer as little as 50%.

Providing a price for rare or collectible coins can be trickier. We use our industry knowledge to determine our buy price, based on the ebbs and flows of the market, taking into account the grade. We also utilise standard published pricing guides to give us a starting point, as well as online research.

All our valuations are no obligation. You're welcome to go away and think over our offer. If you choose to sell to us you could have money in your account the next day.

Metal Detecting Finds

Wiltshire is a great place to own a metal detector and we're always pleased to meet local detectorists and view their discoveries.

Sometimes, ancient Roman and later British hammered coins that have been in the ground for centuries can be hard to identify but they're rarely a match for our numismatists. We can ID your finds and provide a price though you're under no obligation to sell - we know that sometimes you just want an idea of value.

Coins found by detectorists occasionally need light-touch cleaning to remove dirt. To do this safely we work with top-notch, museum-standard conservators who can carefully restore coins without damaging surfaces. This sort of delicate work can make a £100 coin into a £1,000 coin so we'll always tell you if your find could benefit from conservation work.

If you have found two or more gold or silver coins that appear to be more than 300 years old you should contact your local Finds Liaison Officer within 14 days. Our being activities comply with the terms of the Treasure Act 1996 and we may ask for documentation to show your find has been reported properly.

Probate and Insurance Valuations

Are you looking for a probate valuation on a collection of coins? We can help.

Inaccurate valuations of assets can be challenged by HM Revenue and Customs, slowing down the process. For a flat rate of £150 we can provide you with a formal, written valuation, designed to be acceptable to probate authorities. If you subsequently choose to sell the items to us, we will refund the fee. Just retain your paperwork and we’ll add 

The Britannia Coin Company is part of Gold-Traders (UK) Ltd. If you have other items made from precious metals like jewellery or watches we have the expertise to complete probate valuations for these items too. We can also provide valuations for insurance purposes on request.

You can find more information on our probate valuations service on our Probate Valuations page.

Frequently Asked Questions

At The Britannia Coin Company we buy all coins from rare ancient coins to modern 50ps, gold bullion to metal detecting finds. Don’t know what you have? We’ll ID your coins and provide a no obligation valuation.

We pay top prices for all old coins. We can offer you no obligation valuations for any coins you want to sell. Their value will depend on their condition and rarity but we are happy to buy all coins offered to us.

Yes, we’re very happy to buy coins by post. Send us an email with details on what you want to sell and we’ll value your coins. If you’re happy with the price we can pay you the day your coins arrive with us.

We buy all genuine gold Sovereigns including Half Sovereigns, proof Sovereigns and Sovereigns sets for industry leading prices. You could have your payment the next day if you post your Sovereigns to us.

We can pay you in cash or by bank transfer for your coins. We can only pay you in cash if you sell your coins to us in person at our premises in Royal Wootton Bassett. BACs payments are issued the same day.

We’re always interested in buying metal detecting finds. Visit us at The Britannia Coin Company premises in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire or send us a photo to

British coins made before 1947 contain at least 50% silver. We buy all old coins made from silver like Halfcrowns, Sixpences and Shillings, regardless of their condition. Use our calculator for a valuation.

Come and visit us at Old Bank Antiques in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire. The Britannia Coin Company is based inside. Our numismatists are happy to provide a valuation while you wait Monday to Friday, 9-5.

Our team use their decades of expertise to identify your coins and provide informed valuations, based on market rates. All our valuations are free and no obligation and we encourage you to do your own research.

We offer formal probate valuations that can be provided to HM Revenue and Customs for items like coins, fine jewellery and watches. The fee for this service is £150 which we will refund if you sell to us later.


We are always proud to show off our previous customers experiences with you and what they thought of our purchasing through with Britannia Coins.

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