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Probate Valuations

Request a probate valuation for your collection today and get your fee back if you sell to us.

Obtaining an accurate valuation for inheritance tax purposes is a legal obligation for an executor, so it’s important you approach such a task in the correct manner.

Probate Valuations vs Insurance Valuations

It’s important to remember there’s a big difference between getting a valuation for insurance purposes, verses a probate valuation. Insurance valuations are based on an item’s replacement cost - the amount you’d have to pay if you went out and bought a like-for-life replacement. A probate valuation on the other hand, is the value you’d likely receive if you sold it. Submitting insurance valuations for probate purposes puts you at real risk of becoming liable for unnecessary Inheritance Tax liabilities.

Getting a Coin Collection, Bullion or Jewellery valued for Probate

Probate is required to ascertain the value of assets at the time of death. As some considerable time can elapse between the date of death and this process being undertaken, it’s important valuation is accurate when taking into account the fluctuating precious metal market prices.

The Britannia Coin Company can assist in accurately valuing coins, bullion and jewellery. We’re a BNTA (British Numismatic Trade Association) member, so you can be assured of a fair and accurate quote. Our business is also part of the Gold Traders (UK) Ltd group of companies, thus we have extensive knowledge in valuing jewellery, watches and everything else made of precious metals.

Depending on the size of the collection to be valued, our turnaround is generally very quick. Before proceeding, we’d recommend you call us to discuss the best way forward. We’ll then determine whether the valuation can be completed via email, you visiting us, or us visiting you.

Upon completion of the valuation, we will supply you with a formal written probate valuation, which will be acceptable to the Probate authorities.

Probate Valuation Fees

We charge a flat rate of £150 to complete a standard written valuation. If you subsequently choose to sell the items to us, the fee will be refunded. If you would also like the assets valued for insurance purposes too, we’re happy to include this on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Probate is the process of dealing with the assets of someone who has died. It generally involves the valuing of assets, clearing of any debts and the distribution of said assets in accordance with the deceaseds will.

Obtaining a written probate valuation from us will usually take no more than 48 hours. The length of time the entire probate process takes will depend on the complexity of the deceased's estate. A straightforward case will typically complete in 1 to 3 months, whereas more complex estates may take 9 - 12 months.

Probate is generally required when the combined value of all assets belonging to the deceased is over £10,000. However, it's important to remember that if any or all of the assets were jointly owned, probate may not be needed.

If the deceased had jointly owned assets (property, land, savings etc), these will automatically pass to the surviving owner. If the assets were in sole ownership and their total value is below £10,000 then probate is not required.

We charge a flat fee of £50 to compile a basic written valuation of all jewellery, coins and bullion. If the items are subsequently sold to us, this fee will be refunded. The overall cost of probate will depend on whether you engage the services of a solicitor. Some charge a fixed fee, whilst others charge a percentage, based on the overall value of the estate.

No. The two are very different. An insurance valuation details the replacement (retail) cost of an item, should it be lost, damaged or stolen. A probate valuation on the other hand, details a realistic market valuation for the sale of the item. If you mistakenly use insurance valuations, you could be liable of increased and unnecessary Inheritance Tax.


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