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Whether you're interest lies in coin collecting or investing, we aim to bring you interesting and informative articles that cover all things numismatic!

Welcome to the blog pages of The Britannia Coin Company. You'll find a variety of articles here that cover a wide variety of subjects, from investment information to coin history. Our staff have a broad numismatic knowledge, so if there's a particular article you'd like to see here, please get in touch and let us know!

VIGO Coins of Queen Anne

VIGO Coins of Queen Anne

27th September 2020
A number of Britain's past coins stand as a tribute to the country’s incredible naval heritage. One such coin is the 1703 Vigo coin.
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The Maria Theresa Thaler Silver Coin

The History of the Maria Theresa Thaler Silver Coin

19th September 2020
Maria Theresa, a name that’s now well known throughout the world of numismatics, was born in 1717. The only female ruler in the House of Habsburg, she became the Archduchess of Austria and the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia at the age of 23.
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Is Gold and Silver Bullion Subject to VAT?

A Detailed Guide to VAT on Gold & Silver Bullion

8th July 2020
Most people buy gold or silver bullion as an investment, so it makes sense to minimise any outlay that will reduce your potential profit. One such expense is VAT (Value Added Tax), so this article explains whether it’s charged on gold and silver bullion, what affects their VAT liability and how it might impact you as an investor in gold and silver.
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The Story of the English Crown

The History of the English Crown Coin

6th July 2020
The crown coin is an enduring piece of British coinage, with a long and winding history. Today, small numbers of crowns are struck to commemorate big moments in British culture. But almost 500 years ago, large volumes of crowns were issued into circulation for everyday use.
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Coin Clipping

The History of Coin Clipping & The Recoinage of 1696

29th June 2020
Today, the coins in circulation in Britain are simply a token of value, but our coins used to contain their value in silver or gold. In fact, it was once possible to take a file to your coins and take shavings of these precious metals – and many people did just that.
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Should I Buy Gold or Silver?

Buying Gold vs Silver : Our Guide

29th May 2020
Purchasing gold or silver bullion is a worthwhile and rewarding investment. But if you trying to decide whether to buy gold or silver bars or coins, which will be the best choice for you?
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