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Whether your interest lies in coin collecting or investing, we aim to bring you interesting and informative articles that cover all things numismatic!

Welcome to the blog pages of The Britannia Coin Company. You'll find a variety of articles here that cover a wide variety of subjects, from investment information to coin history. Our staff have a broad numismatic knowledge, so if there's a particular article you'd like to see here, please get in touch and let us know!

Una and the Lion : A History

The History of Una and the Lion

12th October 2020
Hailed as 'beyond improvement', what makes William Wyon's 'Una and the Lion' so sought after? We delve into the history, literature, and symbolism behind this famed design, reissued in 2019 as part of the Royal Mint's Great Engravers collection.
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Great Engravers of the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint's Great Engravers

2nd October 2020
Who were the engravers behind some of Britain's most iconic coins? We take a look at some of the famous names that may feature in the Royal Mint's Great Engravers collection.
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Lima Coins of George II

George II's 'Lima' Coins

1st October 2020
Study George II's silver and gold coins of 1745 and 1746 and you’ll probably come across the word 'Lima' beneath the King’s portrait.
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Old Money in the English Language

'Old Money' in the English Language

1st October 2020
It was in a 20 second chat that a decision was made that would change the United Kingdom’s currency for ever. In a conversation between Chancellor of the Exchequer Jim Callaghan and Prime Minister Harold Wilson, Wilson made the quick decision to decimalise the country’s currency, with a simple exclamation of ‘well, why not?’
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