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2022 Memorial Sovereign

Special 2022 memorial Sovereign range from The Royal Mint, the first to feature a portrait of King Charles III, paired with a one-off royal arms reverse by Jody Clark: a tribute to the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II. Shipping January 2023.

Buy 2022 Memorial Gold Sovereign

The Memorial Sovereign range is a tribute to the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II who passed away in September 2022. This is the second Sovereign range offered by the UK's national mint in this year: a first for collectors of these prestigious gold coins.

The first 2022-dated Sovereign release features a portrait of Her Majesty paired with a special reverse design by Timothy Noad, created to celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. She had marked an astonishing 70 years on the throne earlier in the year.

The Royal Mint's Memorial range utilises another one-off reverse design, paired with a portrait of King Charles III who acceded to the throne at the age of 73.

Gold Sovereigns have always had a close association with the British monarchy with special issues offered by the Mint to mark important royal milestones. It's fitting that this unprecedented second collection - including bullion coins, proof editions and collectors sets - has been authorised to commemorate such an important moment for the royal family.

Definitive Coin Portrait of King Charles

2022 Memorial Sovereigns are the first of these historic gold coins to be issued with a portrait of King Charles III.

The new definitive coin effigy is the same one being used on circulating UK money and is the work of British sculptor Martin Jennings. He's known for his public statues of British literary figures like John Betjeman, Charles Dickens and George Orwell. Jennings' design was personally approved by His Majesty who is shown in profile without a crown. He looks to the left, the opposite direction to his mother, Queen Elizabeth, in adherence to a centuries-old coinage tradition.

All coins in the 2022 Memorial Sovereign family feature an obverse legend that reads 'CHARLES II · DEI · GRA · REX · FID · DEF ·'.

New Royal Arms Reverse Design

Martin Jennings' new portrait is paired with a one-off reverse design by acclaimed coinage artist Jody Clark. This marks a rare deviation from the standard St George and the dragon motif, used perennially on gold Sovereigns since these coins were first struck in 1817.

Clark's design is a new take on the royal arms of the United Kingdom. The heraldic supporters that flank the central shield are the lion of England and the unicorn of Scotland, recalling the creatures that appeared on The Royal Mint's Queen's Beasts series, designed by Clark. The date features on a scroll, at the bottom of the coin along with the words 'DIEU ET MON DROIT'.

This design shares a theme with the special reverse commissioned for 2022 Platinum Jubilee Sovereigns. Timothy Noad's design is a clean-lined interpretation of the royal arms. Clark's work is stylistically different but presents a point of continuity in this time of royal transition.

Are 2022 Memorial Sovereigns Valuable?

As the first British Sovereigns of King Charles III's reign, 2022 Memorial Sovereigns are already proving popular with investors. Sovereigns with alternate reverse designs are particularly sought-after so the combination of the royal arms reverse and the new definitive portrait is sure to make these coins a key acquisition for Sovereign collectors.

Like all UK Sovereigns, these 2022 coins are sold without VAT as investment gold. When you come to sell you won't have to pay Capital Gains Tax because these Sovereigns are exempt as UK legal tender.

Bullion Sovereigns attract a healthy premium over their gold value, more for key dates. Proof editions and sets are produced in limited numbers which makes them more valuable. Here's the confirmed mintage figures for 2022 Memorial Sovereigns.

How To Sell A 2022 Memorial Sovereign

Bought a Memorial Sovereign and now looking to sell? We buy these 2022 gold coins, all other UK Sovereigns and a wide range of other currency for top rates. Visit our Sell Your Coins page to find out how to get a custom quote or get in touch now to chat with our friendly team about your consignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The UK's Royal Mint struck two distinct Sovereign designs in 2022, one with a portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II, the other with a portrait of the new King, Charles III. Both feature a special reverse design and are made of 22-carat gold.

17,500 2022 Memorial proof 'full' Sovereigns have been issued by The Royal Mint and these coins are now sold out on their website. The Britannia Coin Company have a limited stock of these sought-after gold coins, available to buy today with free UK shipping.

Charles III Sovereigns are available with free UK shipping from The Britannia Coin Company. We have a limited stock of 2022 Charles III bullion Sovereigns, proof coins and collectors sets online now.

2022 Memorial Sovereigns are the first of these prestigious gold coins to feature a portrait of King Charles III and collectors are snapping them up. Proof editions are now sold out but you can find a limited stock on The Britannia Coin Company website.

There are two types of 2022-dated Sovereigns, ones with The Queen on them and ones featuring King Charles III. The mintage numbers for these 22-carat gold coins have not yet been released by The Royal Mint.


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