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1970 UK Proof Annual 8 Coin Set Pre Decimal

1970 Annual Set Proof Base Metal Pre Decimal Coinage Boxed
The first modern Royal Mint proof set and the last pre-decimal UK coins. This annual set for the year 1970 features eight then-current base metal pre-decimal coins. In the following year, UK currency was formally decimalised and these denominations were gradually pulled from circulation. This set, therefore, represents a momentous moment in British numismatic history and is a great way to learn about old money. More importantly, none of these coins were struck for circulation so if you collect dates this is the only way to acquire 1970 issues. Included in this set is a Halfcrown, a Florin, an English Shilling, a Scottish Shilling, a Sixpence, a Threepence, a Penny and a Halfpenny, all dated 1970. A special rectangular medallion accompanies the set. These coins are struck in the same base metal alloys as their circulating counterparts. The difference is that these pieces are finished to proof standard, meaning they show a finer level of detail, achieved with multiple strike of hand-polished dies. This pre-decimal coinage set is offered in its original card envelope from The Royal Mint gold embossed lettering to the front. The coins themselves are presented in a double-sided clear plastic slab which allows you to appreciate both obverse and reverse without unnecessary handling. Please be aware that these sets sometimes show evidence of toning. This is typical for collectibles issued more than five decades ago.
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Coins in Set

  • 1970 Elizabeth II Proof Halfcrown
  • 1970 Elizabeth II Proof Florin
  • 1970 Elizabeth II Proof English Shilling
  • 1970 Elizabeth II Proof Scottish Shilling
  • 1970 Elizabeth II Proof Sixpence
  • 1970 Elizabeth II Proof Threepence
  • 1970 Elizabeth II Proof Twopence
  • 1970 Elizabeth II Proof Penny


Eight coins, all struck to proof standard. Standard alloys, mass and diameter for time period.


Offered in double sided clear plastic case, obverse and reverse both visible. The set is presented in a coloured card envelope.


The images provided of this product are stock photos. The coin you receive will be from the same issue and will have the same specifications. Some modern UK coins naturally develop toning or milk spots over time and these features may be present on the coin you receive. We cannot exchange coins displaying toning or milkspots.


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