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1542-58 SCOTLAND Mary Hammered Silver Bawbee

1542-58 SCOTLAND Mary Hammered Silver Bawbee Reverse

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A scarce and very collectable hammered Billon Bawbee of Mary Queen of Scotland struck at Edinburgh mint in the first period between the years 1542 and 1558. The obverse features a crowned thistle with ‘M’ and ‘R’ either side for MaryRegina. The reverse shows a plain cross through a crown with cinquefoils either side. A Bawbee was the value of six pence in Scotland or Halfpenny equivalent in England.
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First period. Crowned thistle with M R split either side. MARIA D G REGINA SCOTORV


Plain cross saltier through crown with cinquefoil either side. OPPIDVM EDINBVRGI

Queen Mary

Born in 1516, Mary I was the only surviving child of Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. When she was a girl, her father separated England from Rome and made himself the head of the Church of England to secure a divorce from Mary’s mother. Mary was stoutly Catholic and suffered under the Protestant reign of her father and, later, her young brother, Edward VI. When she was eventually crowned as queen, she determinedly set about promoting Catholicism in England again and had over 300 dissenters burned at the stake, earning her the nickname of Bloody Mary. She died in 1558 after five years as queen and the throne was then inherited by her half-sister, Elizabeth I.