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1627-1628 Charles I Unite Castle

1627-1628 Charles I Unite Castle Obverse

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Gold Charles I Unite with castle mint mark. Obverse: group B, short second bust of the King, facing left wearing small crown, ruff, armour and mantle. Mint mark: castle (1627-1628). Legend: ‘· CARLOVS D .’ G .’ MAG .’ BR .’ FR .’ ET HI .’ REX ·’. Reverse: square-topped shield of royal arms, slightly garnished, surmounted by a crown which cuts through a beaded circle that surrounds the shield and brushes the edge of the coin. Castle mint mark appears before the crown. Legend reads: ‘FLORENT CONCORDIA REGNA’. Translation: ‘Through concord kingdoms flourish’: an interesting inscription given the events later in Charles’ reign. Charles I ascended the throne in 1625 and by the point this coin was minted he had already dissolved a couple of parliaments. He would abandon any attempt to cooperate with parliament in 1629, choosing to rule alone for the next eleven years. The latter part of his reign was taken up with civil conflict that would lead to his execution in 1649. Weight: 9.00 grams, approximate diameter: 34 millimetres. Grade: AVF - Good flan and weight with excellent clear details all round: no issues for approaching Very Fine. References: N 2148, S 2687.
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Group B, second shorter bust of Charles I, facing left wearing crown, ruff, cloak and armour. Mint mark: castle. Legend: '· CARLOVS D .’ G .' MAG .' BR .' FR .' ET HI .' REX ·'.


Castle mint mark before crown above square topped shied of royal arms. Legend: 'FLORENT CONCORDIA REGNA'.


Hammered gold coin. Weight: 9.00 grams. Diameter (approx.): 34 millimetres.


AVF - Good flan and weight with excellent clear details all round: no issues for approaching Very Fine.

What are gold Unites?

Unites were a large English gold coin, first issued in the reign of King James I (ruled 1603 to 1625). Their name speaks to the union of the crowns, brought by James’ accession to the English throne, and his unsuccessful plans to unite the legislatures of his two kingdoms. Initially these coins were valued at 20 Shillings but the value was later increased to 22 Shillings. Unites were minted as part of James’ second coinage(1604-1619) and were reintroduced during the reign of his son, King Charles I. Charles’ Unites were minted at the Tower but also - rarely - by provincial Civil War mints. Production continued during the interregnum period and after the restoration of Charles II. They ceased to be minted as machine milling became standard, replaced with the gold Guinea.


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