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25 BC-10 AD Tascoivanus Silver Unit

25 BC-10 AD Tascoivanus Silver Unit Reverse

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Rare ‘stag’ type silver Unit of Tasciovanus (c25 BC - 10 AD). Obverse: ‘TASCI’ in garnished tablet within vertical wreath. Reverse: stag looking back right, ring with pellet in it to top right and ‘VER’ in front. Tasciovanus was King of the Catuvellauni tribe before the Roman invasion of Britain, ruling from Verlamion (near St Albans) from around 20 BC. Tasciovanus was the first Catuvellauni king to issue inscribed coins, bearing his name (abbreviated ‘TASCI’) and mint marks for his capital (‘VER’). He also issued coins with a Camulodunum (Colchester) mint mark, indicating that he captured the capital of the neighbouring Trinovantes, at least for a few years. Tasciovanus was succeeded by his son Cunobeline in around the year 10 AD. Weight: 1.34 grams. Approximate diameter: 13 millimetres. Grade: EF - Dark patination excellent details, obverse slightly off struck. References: ABC 2634.
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'TASC' in garnished tablet on vertical wreath.


Stag looking over shoulder left, ring and pellet above and 'VER' in front.


Silver coin. Weight: 1.34 grams. Diameter: about 13.00 millimetres.


EF - Dark patination excellent details, obverse slightly off struck.

Who was Tasciovanus?

Tasciovanus was King of the Celtic Catuvellauni tribe who ruled area of southeastern Britain covering parts of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire before the Roman conquest. From around the year 20 BC Tasciovanus ruled from Verlamion (St Albans), inscibing his coins with a 'VER' mint mark. His victories over the neighbouring Trinovantes are evidenced by coinage issued from Camulodunum (Colchester). Later coinage uses the Welsh/Gaelic title 'RICON', usually translated as 'King', rather than the Latin 'Rex', suggesting that Tasciovanus did not have a treaty with Rome. He was succeeded in around the year 10 AD by his son Cunobeline.


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