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1oz Gold Canadian Maple (Best Value)

One Ounce Canadian Gold Maple
(VAT Exempt)
Our pre-owned 'best value' Canadian Maple 1oz gold bullion coins. Selected by us from available stock. Please understand that pre-owned stock may carry the odd edge knock, bump, scuff or scratch. Whilst the physical condition of these coins may not be perfect, they are sold for their gold content and will still contain the required 31.1g of pure gold. 1oz Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Bullion coin features the Maple Leaf emblem in a design by Walter Ott and is synonymous with Canadian identity. The obverse is a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. This official gold bullion of Canada was first introduced in 1979. Minted at the Royal Canadian Mint, it is considered legal tender.
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The official 1oz gold bullion coin of Canada was first produced in 1979 by The Royal Canadian Mint. It was the world's first Bullion coin to be struck in 9999 pure gold. By 1999, the Maple Leaf the coin achieved being struck in a record 99.999% pure gold. This coin is released annually with slight variations to the design. The reverse, designed by Walter Ott, is his signature depiction of Canada's emblem, the Maple Leaf. The coin's obverse presents a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II of Canada. Other denominations include; a one gram, a twenty-fifth ounce, a twentieth ounce, a tenth ounce, a quarter ounce, and ​a half ounce.

The Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf is globally recognised as the defining symbol of Canada. It was first adopted by the French Canadians in the 1700s along the St Lawrence River. Historically, the Maple Leaf was portrayed as green but has since changed to red, the Spring colour of the leaf. Over time, the Maple Leaf has come to represent unity, tolerance, and peace in Canada. The emblem is often seen on the country's; sports teams, national airline, flag, company logos, and in government.

Bullion Security

This Gold Bullion coin emanates the Canadian spirit and has an excellent reputation for quality and security. The latest laser technology is used to micro-engrave each die on Canadian Mint coins producing a textured Maple Leaf, which acts as a unique anti-counterfeiting mark. 

Thanks to groundbreaking new technology introduced between 2013 and 2015, Maple Leaf coins increased their security to become the most secure Gold Bullion on the planet. The name of this groundbreaking technology is Bullion DNA™, the world's most advanced coin authentication security. Bullion DNA™ is a three-step tool that makes it easier for approved Bullion DNA dealers to instantly verify the authenticity of their customer's Gold and Silver Maple Leaf coins:

  1. The coin is inserted into the Bullion DNA™ device.
  2. The device scans the coin in high resolution. 
  3. The DNA device communicates with the Royal Canadian Mint database and verifies if the coin is genuine. 

This impressive validation provides peace of mind to buyers and is supported by; specialised engraving, advanced laser marking with the year of issue (only visible under magnifying glass) and precision radial pattern. 

Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II of Canada

As a member of the Commonwealth, Canada's monarch is also Queen Elizabeth II. Ever since Royal Canadian Mint production began in 1908, an effigy of the monarch of Canada appears on all official Canadian coinage. The practice of these effigies precedes the Royal Canadian Mint. In 1858, colonies of British North America, as it was known, started issuing their own coins denominated in cents, featuring the likeness of Queen Victoria on the obverse. These replaced the sterling coins previously in circulation. The first monarch on a Royal Canadian Mint coin was Elizabeth II's great grandfather, Edward VII. HM Queen Elizabeth II is the only Royal to have more than one portrait on Royal Canadian Mint coins, due to Her Majesty being the longest reigning monarch. This coin's obverse presents a portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II of Canada.  The obverse of an official Canadian coin does not always feature the same portrait of Her Majesty as featured on UK coins, currently by Jody Clark (2015 - present).

  • The first ever portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on a Canadian coin was created by Mary Gillick and appeared on official Canadian coins from 1953-1964. Gillick's most famous image of Her Majesty also featured on British coinage. 
  • The second portrait was struck from 1965-1989 with an image of Her Majesty by Arnold Machin, a legendary sculptor and engraver. His portrait of Queen Elizabeth II has been used on all British stamps since 1967 and also featured on British coins.
  • The third design was in production from 1990-2002 showing a portrait of Elizabeth II by Dora DePedery-Hunt, the first design by a Canadian citizen, which was not shown on UK coinage.
  • The newest portrait by Susanna Blunt, also a Canadian artist, was issued in 2003. For the first time, it depicts Her Majesty without a crown or tiara. This design also only features on Canadian coinage. 


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