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Buy Gold 2023 Annual Sets Coins

The Britannia Coin Company stock a wide and varied selection of gold coins at low margins over the market 'spot' price. Our gold coins are manufactured by the various International mints and are all guaranteed as genuine. All investment gold is exempt from VAT and UK coins (such as Sovereigns and Britannias etc.) are also exempt from CGT (Capital Gains Tax).

Buy a 2023 UK Annual Set from The Royal Mint. These brilliant uncirculated and proof sets are the first to be issued with a portrait of King Charles III. Definitive and commemorative sets are available now, including limited edition .925 silver proof and 22-carat gold proof editions.

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Britannia Coin Company are the UK’s leading online gold coin buyer. We offer UK investors the opportunity to buy at low premiums above the global spot price and give practical advice on investing.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are five new UK coins included in 2023 Royal Mint annual sets: 2023 75th Birthday £5, 2023 J R R Tolkien £2, 2023 Flying Scotsman £2, 2023 Windrush 50p and 2023 NHS 50p.

2023 UK annual sets will be released on Tuesday 3 January 2023 at 9am. You can get your 2023 Charles III annual set with free shipping from The Britannia Coin Company.

Precious metal annual sets are only available in small numbers. The Royal Mint's 2023 silver, gold and platinum annual sets are strictly limited and come with a certificate of authenticity.

All coins in 2023 UK annual sets from The Royal Mint feature the new portrait of King Charles III on the heads side. This new coin portrait was designed by sculptor Martin Jennings.

2023 UK annual sets are the first of these official Royal Mint sets to be issued in the reign of King Charles III and mark an important moment in British royal and monetary history.

In 2023 collectors can expect The Royal Mint to issue the Windrush 50p, a new NHS 50p, a J R R Tolkein £2 and a Flying Scotsman £2 as well as other Charles III coins yet to be revealed.

Gold is an investment you can rely on, especially when world markets are volatile. It’s traded and respected globally and scarcity vs demand means it will continue to increase its value.

Yes, and we guarantee it. We are a member of the BNTA (The British Numismatic Trade Association) and all our coins are checked for their authenticity.

Although collectors and investors often worry about counterfeits, it's actually very hard to convincingly fake a gold coin. Gold is extremely dense and to use another metal and gold-plate it would result in a coin that is under-weight, over-diameter or half-again as thick, something that would be spotted very easily by an expert. You can buy from us 100% worry free.

For all UK orders, there is no shipping charge - the price you see is the price you pay. For simplicity, we have a flat rate charge for all international orders.


We are always proud to show off our previous customers experiences with you and what they thought of our purchasing through with Britannia Coins.

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