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2022 Platinum Jubilee £5 Crown Silver Proof

UK22PJSP 2022 Platinum Jubilee £5 Crown Silver Proof Reverse
From a limited edition of 5,000, this silver proof Five Pound coin is a celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Elizabeth II came to the throne at the age of 25 in 1952 and was crowned the next year. Seventy years on, she’s Britain’s longest reigning monarch and celebrating a record-breaking anniversary. Part of a suite of commemorative issues, this Royal Mint £5 is the perfect way to remember this unprecedented royal event. Struck to proof standard in 28.28 grams of .925 sterling silver, this Crown coin measures 38.61 millimetres in diameter. It features two designs by veteran coinage artist John Bergdahl. His obverse, used only for coins in the 2022 Platinum Jubilee collection, shows the Queen on horseback, surrounded by a garter with the date below. It’s reminiscent of previous commemorative jubilee coins. Bergdahl’s reverse takes its inspiration from historic coinage and shows the Queen’s arms, surrounded by a royal mantle, similar the one she wore during her 1953 coronation. The edge is inscribed with words from her first Christmas message. This silver proof coin comes in its original box and capsule from The Royal Mint with a numbered certificate of authenticity and a detailed information booklet.
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Silver proof Five Pound coin from a limited edition presentation of 5,000: The Royal Mint's celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

The First Platinum Jubilee

In February 2022, Her Majesty the Queen will celebrate seven decades on the throne. She succeeded her father at the age of 25 in 1952 and was crowned the next year.

No previous British monarch has celebrated a Platinum Jubilee so it’s no surprise that The Royal Mint has gone all out on its range of commemorative coinage, issued just ahead of the anniversary.

A special reverse for the 2022 Sovereign was commissioned to mark the occasion and now we’ve been offered a comprehensive range of £5 Crowns, 50ps and large precious metal pieces with special designs, inspired by historic coinage and Elizabeth II’s life of service.

A Comemorative Crown

This Five Pound coin features two new designs, both the work of veteran coinage artist John Bergdahl.

His obverse, used only for coins in the Platinum Jubilee collection features an equestrian portrait of Elizabeth II, similar in style to that featured on previous jubilee Crown coins. The legend reads 'ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 5 POUNDS' with the date below, cut by the tail of a garter motif.

Bergdahl's reverse draws inspiration from historic Royal Mint coinage and shows the crowned royal arms, surrounded by a garter and draped with a mantle, reminiscent of the garment she wore during her 1953 coronation.

The edge is inscribed with the words 'SERVE YOU ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE' - a line from the Queen’s first Christmas message in 1952 and a promise fulfilled.

.925 Sterling Silver Proof

This Five Pound coin is composed of 28.28 grams of .925 sterling silver. Like other Crown coins it measures 38.61 millimetres across. It’s struck to proof standard for a flawless finish, achieved with multiple strikes from hand polished dies.

Just 5,000 of these Platinum Jubilee commemorative coins have been issued in silver proof.

Highly-collectible, this jubilee coin is offered in its original box, case and capsule from The Royal Mint with an information booklet and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

A platinum piedfort and gold proof version of this Five Pound coin is also available.


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