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2022 Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Five Pound Crown Piedfort Platinum Proof Coin

UK22PJPL Jubilee £5 Crown Piedfort Platinum Proof Boxed

Buy a 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Five Pound Crown Piedfort Platinum Proof Coin

Only 52 issued! Double-weight platinum Five Pound, struck to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Elizabeth II came to the throne at the age of 25 in 1952 and was crowned the next year. Seventy years on, she’s Britain’s longest reigning monarch and celebrating a record-breaking anniversary. This Royal Mint £5 is the perfect way to remember this unprecedented royal event. Struck to flawless proof standard in 94.20 grams of 999.5 platinum, this piedfort coin is the only platinum Crown coin available in this exclusive collection. It features two designs by veteran coinage artist John Bergdahl. His obverse, used only for coins in the 2022 Platinum Jubilee collection shows the Queen on horseback, surrounded by a garter with the date below. It’s reminiscent of previous commemorative jubilee coins. Bergdahl’s reverse takes its inspiration from historic coinage and shows the Queen’s arms, surrounded by a royal mantle with the anniversary dates below. The edge is inscribed with words from her first Christmas message. This piedfort platinum proof coin comes in its original box and capsule from The Royal Mint with a numbered certificate of authenticity and a detailed information booklet.
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Piedfort proof Platinum Jubilee £5 Crown with obverse and reverse designs by John Berghdahl.

Piedfort Platinum Proof Platinum Jubilee £5 Crown

  • Obverse: Equestrian portrait of Elizabeth II within a garter by John Berghdahl. Legend around reads: '· ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 5 POUNDS ·'. Date - '2022' - below, divided by tail of garter. Artist: John Berghdahl.
  • Reverse: Crowned royal arms within garter, robed with a draped mantle. Anniversary dates below: 1952 and 2022. Artist: John Berghdahl.
  • Edge: Inscribed with the words 'SERVE YOU ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE'.
  • Specification: Piedfort proof coin, struck in 94.20 grams of 999.5 platinum. Diameter: 38.61 millimetres. Face value: £5 / Five Pounds.
  • Presentation: From a limited edition presentation of just 52. These piedfort platinum proof £5s comes in their original presentation packaging from The Royal Mint with a numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed.

The Royal Mint's Platinum Jubilee Range

2022 marks seventy years since Elizabeth II ascended the throne. She became our monarch on the death of her father, George VI, in 1952 and was crowned at Westminster Abbey the following year. Seven decades on she's our longest reigning monarch and celebrating a remarkable milestone, achieved by no other British King or Queen: a Platinum Jubilee.

In the UK we've marked the occasion with a special four-day summer Bank Holiday, tree plantings, street parties and parades. There's plenty of souvenirs available to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee but The Royal Mint's extensive range of 70th anniversary coinage represents the most prestigious mementoes on offer. With a range of special jubilee designs offered on everything from brilliant uncirculated 50ps to platinum proof annual sets, there’s options for everyone in this range.

We’ve got a full run down on the range including annual sets and 2022 Sovereigns on our blog: Platinum Jubilee Coins: 2022 Range From The Royal Mint.

John Berghdahl's Equestrian Portrait

Key collectible pieces in the Platinum Jubilee range feature a special, one-year-only obverse, temporarily replacing Jody Clark's fifth definitive effigy. The work of veteran coinage designer John Bergdahl, the Platinum Jubilee coinage portrait shows Her Majesty the Queen on horseback, surrounded by a garter motif with the date below.

It's reminiscent though not identical to the 1953 Coronation Crown. Commemorative Crowns issued in 1977 and 2002 for the Silver Jubilee and Golden Jubilee respectively also featured equestrian portraits. Even into her nineties the Queen has been pictured horse riding and is know for her love of the animals. These designs - the new Platinum Jubilee portrait included - offer a littleinsight into her character and harken back to historic coinage which has sometimes shown monarchs astride.

The First Royal Fifty Pence

Royal events and anniversaries are generally celebrated by The Royal Mint on Crown-sized pieces. 2022 Platinum Jubilee Fifty Pence pieces mark the first time that a monarchic milestone has been featured on this denomination.

2022 Platinum Jubilee 50ps feature a minimal '70' motif by design agency Osbourne Ross that fills the reverse field of these coins which are available in platinum, gold, silver, piedfort silver and brilliant uncirculated finishes. Within the zero sits a crowned royal cypher with the anniversary dates below: 1952-2022. It's a clean-lined and instantly recognisable motif that will be easy to spot in your change when it enters circulation.

Circulated 70 50ps will show the current definitive effigy of Elizabeth II to the obverse but special collectors editions feature John Berghdahl's horse and garter design which can best be appreciated on proof editions.

Platinum Coins For The Platinum Jubilee

As might be expected, the Platinum Jubilee range offers several coins in … well ... platinum.

The Royal Mint has issued the odd collectible coin in platinum before but they've gone all out for 2022 offering piedfort platinum proof £5 Crowns and platinum proof 50ps in this lesser used precious metal. If you're looking for a gift for the royal fan in your life to commemorate a remarkable year then your top choice has to be an official UK coin in platinum.

We're excited to carry the 2022 platinum proof annual set - the first of its kind - featuring five coins in 999.5 platinum. Just 30 of these have been issued making it among the scarcest releases in the collection.

Are 2022 Platinum Jubilee Coins Valuable?

Many of the coins in the Platinum Jubilee range have been offered in very limited numbers. This is true of the larger coins in the collection including the 5oz gold and silver proof coins as well as the 2oz gold and silver pieces. These items quickly sold out on The Royal Mint website.

We know that gold Sovereigns with special reverse designs command significant prices so it's likely that the 2022 Sovereign family which features a special royal arms reverse will proof popular in the short and long terms. The 2022 Sovereign design is the work of Timothy Noad and, like other coins in the Platinum Jubilee collection, looks back to a rich heritage of British coinage design for inspiration. Between classic heraldic motifs like that on the gold proof and silver proof £5 Crown and the contrasting sleek modernism of Osbourne Ross' 50p we think that there's a broad appeal to this range which will mean they remain appealing to collectors.

How To Sell Your Platinum Jubilee Coins

We buy Royal Mint Platinum Jubilee coins for market leading prices. Whether you're looking to sell limited edition gold proof coinage or an extra brilliant uncirculated 50p, you can get a free, no obligation quote via our Sell Your Coins page. Worried about selling your Platinum Jubilee coins from home? Just scroll down to read some of our five-star reviews or contact us today to talk through your sale with our expert staff.


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