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2007 Full Gold Bullion Sovereign

2007 Full Gold Bullion Sovereign Reverse

Buy a 2007 Full Gold Bullion Sovereign

(VAT Exempt)
Produced at The Royal Mint, the 2007 gold bullion Sovereign is a high grade Bullion coin. Carefully selected by our team and graded at aEF (about Extremely Fine) or above. Coins graded Extremely Fine or above have minimal signs of wear, making them a popular choice when buying specific dated coins to mark a special occasion. These Bullion coins are also more cost effective than their Proof versions. The coin's Obverse hosts the 4th Portrait of HM The Queen, Elizabeth II, by Ian Rank-Broadley. The Reverse includes the signature 'St George and the Dragon' Sovereign coin design by Benedetto Pistrucci. The Sovereign is exempt from VAT and Capital Gains Tax and our price is inclusive of fully insured UK shipping. Subject to stock availability.
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Royal Mint bullion 'full' 2007 22-carat gold Sovereign in uncirculated condition.

The Gold Sovereign: A Brief History

The story of the Sovereign begins in the reign of King Henry VII. This Tudor King gave his courtiers large, hammered gold coins to display his wealth and prestige. These rare presentation pieces got their name from their close association with the monarch, a connection that was revived hundreds of years later with a new milled coin, first issued in 1817 as Britain recovered from the Napoleonic Wars.

The modern Sovereign rose to prominence as a trade coin during the reign of Queen Victoria, struck around the Empire at branches of The Royal Mint, founded to take advantage of the influx of colonial gold. These famous coins have been minted under every subsequent British monarch and while they fell out of circulation in the 20th century they remained popular with investors who trusted them to contain a consistent quantity of fine gold.

The Mint began striking new Sovereigns in 1957 and has expanded the range considerably over the subsequent decades, offering new fractional issues, proof editions and collectable sets each year, appealing to a new audience, drawn to the proud history of these remarkable coins.

What Carat Gold Are UK Sovereigns?

UK 'full' 2007 Sovereigns are composed of 22-carat gold: that's 91.67% pure. The remaining metal is copper which adds strength and gives gold Sovereigns a distinctly rosy-pink tone in some lights. Historic coins, intended for circulation, are often made of 22ct gold as pure gold is soft and wears down quickly.

Sovereigns are made to an old specification, maintained since 1817. Modern editions are struck on 22.05-millimetre blanks with a 1.52-millimetre milled edge, just like their Georgian counterparts.

Each 2007 'full' Sovereign has an actual gold weight of 7.31 grams or 0.2354 troy ounces.

These coins boast a bullion finish: a striking standard created by The Royal Mint for investors which utilises the same or similar obverse and reverse designs as the collectable proof versions.

Reverse: Saint George And The Dragon

The reverse of 2007 'full' Sovereigns features Benedetto Pistrucci's St George design, commissioned by Mast of the Mint, William Wellesley-Pole, for the first modern Sovereigns.

The historic Saint George is said to have been a Roman soldier and has been venerated for centuries as a brave warrior. The most famous legend associated with St George involves him freeing a town from the clutches of a fearsome dragon and rescuing a beautiful princess in the process.

Pistrucci puts a classically-inspired spin on this well-known story, garbing his Saint in a corinthian helmet and a flowing cloak, aiming a sword at a dragon that cowers beneath the hooves of his rearing horse. It's a dynamic design, beloved by coin collectors and closely associated with gold Sovereigns. With only minor modifications, it's been used for more than two centuries to grace the reverse of these coins.

Fourth Portrait By Ian Rank-Broadley

The earliest milled gold Sovereigns bore a portrait of King George III. These coins have been issued by every subsequent British monarch, including Queen Elizabeth II.

2007 bullion Sovereigns feature Ian Rank-Broadley's portrait of Her Majesty. Unveiled in 1997 and first seen on UK circulating, commemorative and investment coins in 1998, Rank-Broadley's effigy shows Elizabeth II wearing Queen Mary's Girls Of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara. The right-facing profile fills the surface of the coin and is surrounded by a legend that reads: 'ELIZABETH · II · DEI · GRA REGINA · FID · DEF' with the artists initials seen below the portrait.

This is the fourth of five portraits of The Queen to feature on her Sovereigns. These definitive royal images chart her growth from a 25-year old new monarch to a great-grandmother and are among the most widely reproduced works of art in the world.

How Are Gold 2007 Sovereigns Taxed?

Gold Sovereigns have a nominal face value of £1 Sterling. Their true value is much more than that but this legal-tender status means that, when you come to sell, you won't have to pay Capital Gains Tax on your profits. This exemption only applies to UK currency and makes these coins a great option for serious investors. Additionally, as investment-grade gold, these coins are VAT exempt, meaning we can sell them at a great price.

These tax benefits appeal to investors, so too does the premium status of these gold coins. Sovereigns feature some of the most respected designs ever seen on currency, their beauty and limited-edition status attracting a different audience: the collectors.

Only 75,000 'full' 2007 Sovereigns were issued by The Royal Mint and if you're looking to complete a set of modern Sovereigns you'll want to snap this year up.

The Mint also offered 2007 Sovereigns with a fine proof finish. We've got these sought-after coins available in their original presentation boxes. Just looking to invest in Au? Check out our best value bullion Sovereigns, available in our choice of year with a market-leading price tag.

Buy A 2007 Bullion Full Sovereign

At The Britannia Coin Company we carefully authenticate all of our gold Sovereigns using top-of-the-line XRF technology, combined with our decades of expertise. We've been dealing in these British gold coins for decades so you can trust you'll receive the genuine article when you order from us. Don't believe us? Just check our eKomi reviews.

We've graded these coins AEF (About Extremely Fine) or better. That means you're guaranteed a coin that's in excellent, uncirculated bullion-finish Sovereign with minimal signs of wear or handling, perfect to give as a gift.

Considering a 2007 'full' bullion Sovereign? We've also got these coins with a proof finish in an appealing presentation box from The Royal Mint. Just looking to invest in gold? Why not have a look at our best value bullion Sovereigns, offered in our choice of date?


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