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2019 Queen Elizabeth II Gold Proof Four Coin Sovereign Set

SV419T 2019 Elizabeth II 4-Coin Proof Sovereign Set Box

Buy a 2019 Queen Elizabeth II Gold Proof Four Coin Sovereign Set

(VAT Exempt)
22-carat gold proof four Sovereign set from 2019 featuring a Double Sovereign, full Sovereign, Half Sovereign and Quarter Sovereign, presented in an attractive wooden case from The Royal Mint. The coins in this set are all struck in 91.67% gold, conforming to strict specifications established centuries ago. These coins take their name from rare, hammered gold coins, minted in the time of the Tudor Kings. The first modern Sovereigns were issued in 1817 in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars and a major overhaul of British currency. Those early nineteenth century Sovereigns featured a design by an Italian artist named Benedetto Pistrucci, depicting the legend of Saint George and the dragon. The image of England’s patron saint has endured on these coins and is instantly recognisable to coin collector’s the world over. Pistrucci’s St George wears a classical helmet and a flowing cape. From his position on horseback he points his sword at a cowering dragon that snaps at his steed’s hooves. This motif - reproduced in splendid detail on these 2019 proof coins - is paired with Jody Clark’s fifth and final coinage portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. This royal effigy was introduced in 2015 and used on UK circulating and collectible coinage until Elizabeth II’s passing in 2022. The combined gross weight of the coins in this set is 29.95 grams with an actual gold weight of 27.45 grams or 0.8825 troy ounces. Only 300 of these four coin sets were issued by The Royal Mint in 2019 and this one is in pristine condition with the black card outer box, information booklet and numbered certificate of authenticity included. Secure yours today.
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Gold-proof four coin Royal Mint Sovereign set from a limited edition presentation of just 300.

What Are Gold Proof Sovereign Sets?

The very first gold Sovereigns were struck in the 1400s by the Tudor kings and their prestigious legacy was reclaimed when the modern Sovereign was introduced in 1817. Over the next century, Sovereigns became prized across the British Empire, trusted to contain a known and significant quantity of gold.

With the outbreak of the First World War, Sovereigns fell out of circulation in Britain but rare proof editions were included in commemorative sets, issued by The Royal Mint to mark the accession of King George VI.

Another proof set was minted in Queen Elizabeth II's coronation year but these are not available on the open market. The production of bullion Sovereigns would resume in 1957 with Sovereign sets offered to the general public again in 1980, quickly becoming a core release in the Mint's annual release schedule, eagerly anticipated by fans of these famous UK gold coins.

What Coins Are In 2019 Sovereign Sets?

This 2019 Sovereign set contains four key coins from the 2019 Sovereign family:

  • 2019 Elizabeth II Gold Proof Double Sovereign
  • 2019 Elizabeth II Gold Proof Sovereign
  • 2019 Elizabeth II Gold Proof Half Sovereign
  • 2019 Elizabeth II Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign

These coins are struck to standard specifications in 22-carat (91.67%) gold. The total weight of the coins in this set is 29.95 grams. Together the set has a pure gold weight of 27.45 grams or 0.8825 troy ounces.

Proof coins represent the highest available quality on the collectibles market. Struck multiple times with hand-prepared dies they boast a level of detail far superior to comparable bullion editions.

Sovereigns With Saint George Reverse

The four coins in this 2019 Sovereign set feature an instantly recognisable reverse, created for the first modern Sovereigns during the reign of King George III.

These new gold coins required a distinctive design. The then Master of the Royal Mint, William Wellesley Pole commissioned an Italian artist for the task. Benedetto Pistrucci was newly arrived in London and took up the task of engraving dies himself, dissatisfied with the skills of the Mint's engravers.

The neoclassic design that Pistrucci produced centres on the legend of St George and the dragon, depicting the warrior Saint on horseback, aiming his weapon at a fearsome beast that cowers beneath his horses hooves. Coins in the 2019 Sovereign family feature a slightly modified version of this historic and highly-regarded numismatic design. The artist's initials - 'B. P.' - can be seen below the dragon to the right of the date.

Read more: George and the Dragon: Benedetto Pistrucci's Masterpiece.

Jody Clark's Portrait Of Queen Elizabeth II

The obverse of 2019 Sovereigns features Jody Clark's portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

During the course of Her Majesty's long reign, Sovereigns were struck with five distinct royal portraits, created by distinguished British artists. These show Elizabeth through her life, from the 25-year-old who acceded to the throne, captured by Mary Gillick's youthful first effigy to Clark's fifth and final design which shows the Queen as a great-grandmother, approaching her 90s when the portrait was created.

Clark was 33 when his design was chosen via a private competition, becoming the first Royal Mint engraver in decades to have a portrait featured on circulating coinage.

Her late Majesty is shown facing left, wearing the Diamond Diadem, made for the coronation of George IV. Each jewel is picked out in fine detail on the proof coins in this set. The legend reads: 'ELIZABETH II · DEI · GRA · REGINA · FID · DEF ·'.

Are 2019 Sovereign Sets Collectible?

Gold-proof Sovereign sets are offered by The Royal Mint in very limited numbers each year. Intact sets are considerably rarer than individually packaged proof coins and can be hard to get hold of decades after they were issued.

Just 300 4-coin proof sets were issued by The Royal Mint in 2019.

Our proof sets are offered in excellent condition with all their original packaging intact and information booklets and certificates of authenticity included. Securing a set in its original box with a numbered certificate can increase its future resale value if these items are stored carefully. The coins themselves remain sealed in their acrylic capsules, each inspected carefully to ensure authenticity.

If you're interested in Sovereigns from 2019 you might want to consider other proof and bullion coins from this range, including:

VAT And Capital Gains Tax Exempt

Gold Sovereigns as well as Half Sovereigns, Quarter Sovereigns, Double Sovereigns and Five Sovereign coins are legal tender in the UK. You would not want to spend them in a shop but their status offers a significant tax benefit. When you come to sell you can expect unlimited tax-free profit thanks to a Capital Gains Tax exemption that applies to UK currency. Normally, you would expect to pay CGT at a rate of 20-28% if your gains exceed the tax-free allowance.

That's not the only factor that makes these sets a smart investment.

As Sovereigns are composed of 91.67% gold these coins are also subject to a Value Added Tax exemption. For most silver and platinum investment coins you can expect to pay VAT at the current rate of 20%. In the past you would have had to pay VAT on gold too but these days we can offer coins like Sovereigns - including proof editions and sets - without VAT, ensuring a better price for buyers.

Where To Sell A 2019 Gold Sovereign Set?

We buy gold Sovereign sets for market-leading prices at The Britannia Coin Company. Visit us in Royal Wootton Bassett for an instant offer or visit our Sell Your Coins page to get a custom quote online. We're keen to buy 2019 4-coin Sovereign sets as well as a wide range of collectible coinage.


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