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1 Ounce Silver Austrian Philharmonic Best Value VAT Free

1 Ounce Silver Austrian Philharmonic Best Value VAT Free
(VAT Exempt)
Silver one ounce Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins at our best value price. Produced by The Austrian Mint in 31.10 grams of 99.9% fine silver, these are among the most sought after silver bullion coins in the world. Our best value Wiener Philharmonikers are pre-owned and VAT free. You might find some small surface scratches or blemishes but each coin has been carefully checked to ensure that the precious metal content is as stated (1 oz). We’ll choose the date but if you’re looking for a particular year do get in touch.
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Our best value 1 oz silver bullion Vienna Philharmonic coins are pre-owned and VAT free.

Austrian Silver Philharmonikers

Among the top selling silver bullion coins world-wide, the silver Vienna Philharmonic is an attractive European silver coin, issued annually by the Austrian Mint (Münze Österreich) since 2008.

Minted in 31.103 grams of 99.9% silver, silver Philharmonikers were introduced following the success of the 24 carat gold Philharmonic. They have similar specification to the gold one ounce version: a diameter of 37 millimetres but a greater thickness of 3.2 millimetres.

Gold and Silver Philharmonikers are the only European bullion coins with a Euro face value though they are only legal tender in Austria. The face value of silver Vienna Philharmonics is an unusual €1.50, much lower than the value of its metal content. This is because the 1 Euro and 2 Euro are reserved for ordinary circulation.

Inspired by the Vienna Orchestra

Vienna Philharmonic coins are named after and inspired by the Vienna Philharmonic: founded in 1842 and considered one of the world’s finest orchestras. 

The obverse, shows the pipe organ in the Vienna Musikverein concert hall: the home of the Vienna Philharmonic. The legend reads 'REPUBLIC ÖSTERREICH' (Republic of Austria) and lists the weight, date and denomination. The reverse features an array of instruments and the words 'WIENER PHILHARMONIKER' (Vienna Philharmonic) and 'SILBER' (silver).

The design used for silver Philharmonic bullion coins is the same which appears on their gold bullion counterparts and was created by Austrian Mint engraver Thomas Pesendorfer in 1989.

Pre-Owned and VAT Free

Our best value silver Austrian Philharmonic coins are all pre-owned. This means we can sell them with no VAT, ensuring you the best deal around: much cheaper than purchasing brand new.

We have strict standards for our best value bullion. Each coin is meticulously checked to ensure that the weight and metal content is exactly as promised. You may find that your Philharmonikers have some small scratches, knicks or blemishes, typical of a pre-owned coin but this will not effect the silver weight.

You will receive our choice of date, chosen at random from our stock of 1 ounce silver Philharmonics. We have a range of dates available so do get in touch if you are looking for a particular year.


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