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Circulated 2011 London Olympic Games Fifty Pence Coins (Choose Your Design)

2011 Olympic Circulated 50ps Pile Of Coins

Buy a Circulated 2011 London Olympic Games Fifty Pence Coins (Choose Your Design)

UK circulated London Olympics Fifty Pence pieces from The Royal Mint. 2012 marked the third time that the city had hosted a modern Olympics games and us Brits did very well, coming third in the medal table behind the US and China. The Royal Mint celebrated the XXX Olympics with a range of commemorative coinage including a very popular 50p collection made up of 29 different designs. The obverses show Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Her Majesty the Queen along with the date of issue: 2011. The reverses feature a range of special designs, picked from a nationwide competition allowing members of the public to see their artwork on real coinage. Some 30,000 designs were entered, representing different Olympic and Paralympic sports, resulting in fantastically varied styles across the set. These 50ps are struck in cupronickel alloy to standard specifications. Our Olympic coins are offered in standard circulated condition, similar to the coins you find in your change. Use the variants box below to select your sport. We’re excited to help you complete your collection.


In stock now: the full range of 2011 Olympic 50ps - use the menu above to get yours. 

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games

The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games were the largest sporting event ever held in the UK, keeping us all glued to our screens for the better part of summer. London won the chance to host the Olympiad for the the third time in 2005 and welcomed more than 10,000 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees.

The games opened with a spectacular ceremony, directed by Danny Boyle and involving thousands of volunteers or 'Games Makers'. My favourite bit is the Queen’s arrival, apparently jumping from a helicopter with James Bond, as played by Daniel Craig. Shout out to the private secretary that pitched that one to the palace. 

I think it's fair to say we Brits put on a good show, both with the ceremony, our suite of new stadiums and our medal table performance. We came third with 65 medals (25 gold!) after the United States and China.

While not everyone can win an Olympic medal, one can get hold of a commemorative Olympic coin. The Royal Mint produced a whole suite in the run up to the XXX Olympics including 29 different 50ps.

Olympic Fifty Pence Reverse Designs

The 2011 Olympic 50p collection featured designs chosen through a nationwide competition, kickstarted soon after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 30,000 people from all walks of life entered artwork representing Olympic and Paralympic sports, including the UK's youngest ever coinage designer, nine year old Florence Jackson.

Released into circulation in 2011, the Olympic Fifty Pence collection contributed to mounting enthusiasm for the coming games and became an immediate focus of interest for coin collectors, keen to find the whole collection.

Because they were produced by a range of different artists, the styles represented on the Olympic 50p coins are very varied, each one a miniature masterpiece.

All of them, however, feature Ian Rank-Broadley's portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to the reverse along with the legend: 'ELIZABETH · II · D · G REG · F · D  · 2011'. 

Are 2011 Olympic 50ps Valuable?

Olympic 50ps were issued in a range of finishes including brilliant uncirculated coins and silver editions in limited numbers. Gold copies were presented to the artists. The rarest Olympic 50p of all is the variant of the Aquatics Fifty Pence with lines over the face of the swimmer - only about 600 of these were issued before the design was changed.

The coins released into circulation were also issued in fairly small numbers - some smaller than others - meaning they're all worth more than your average 50p. 

The top five rarest Olympic 50ps are well worth hunting through your piggy bank for: 

  1. 2011 Olympic Football 50p - 1,125,500 issued
  2. 2011 Olympic Wrestling 50p - 1,129,500 issued
  3. 2011 Olympic Judo 50p - 1,161,500 issued
  4. 2011 Olympic Triathlon 50p - 1,163,500 issued
  5. 2011 Olympic Tennis 50p - 1,454,000 issued

Full List of Royal Mint Olympic 50ps 

You can still find Olympic Fifty Pence pieces in your change but if you've been hunting for that last one to fill your album you might be considering buying one.

We offer good quality, circulated 50ps for a price that includes free shipping. Our experts carefully study the market rate for these coins, ensuring you get a fair deal, without having to worry about eBay bidding.

You can use the drop down menu at the top of this page to find more info on each Olympic coin, including the artist behind the reverse design. Full mintage figures and current live prices are below.

Olympic 50ps Issued* Our Price*
2011 Acquatics 50p 2,179,000 £2.50
2011 Archery 50p 3,345,500 £2.50
2011 Athletics 50p 2,224,000 £3.00
2011 Badminton 50p 2,113,500 £3.00
2011 Basketball 50p 1,748,000 £4.50
2011 Boccia 50p 2,166,000 £2.50
2011 Boxing 50p 2,148,500 £3.00
2011 Canoeing 50p 2,166,500 £3.00
2011 Cycling 50p 2,090,500 £2.50
2011 Equestrian 50p  2,142,500 £2.50
2011 Fencing 50p 2,115,500 £3.50
2011 Football 50p 1,125,500 £23.00
2011 Goalball 50p 1,615,500 £5.50
 2011 Gymnastics 50p 1,720,813 £3.50
2011 Handball 50p 1,676,500 £2.50
2011 Hockey 50p 1,773,500 £4.00
2011 Judo 50p 1,161,500 £15.00
2011 Modern Pentathlon 50p 1,689,500 £3.50
2011 Rowing 50p 1,717,300 £3.50
2011 Sailing 50p 1,749,500 £3.00
2011 Shooting 50p 1,656,500 £4.50
2011 Table Tennis 50p 1,737,500 £5.00
2011 Taekwondo 50p 1,664,000 £4.00
2011 Tennis 50p 1,454,000 £4.50
2011 Triathlon 50p 1,163,500 £15.00
2011 Volleyball 50p 2,133,500 £0.00
2011 Weightlifting 50p 1,879,500 £4.50
2011 Wheelchair Rugby 50p 1,765,500 £5.00
2011 Wrestling 50p 1,129,500 £10.00


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