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2011 London Olympics Football Circulated Fifty Pence Coin

2011 Olympic Football 50p Reverse

Buy a 2011 London Olympics Football Circulated Fifty Pence Coin

2011 Football 50p. Also known as the Offside Rule 50p, this UK coin is one of twenty-nine commemorative 2012 Olympic 50ps issued by The Royal Mint. The design was submitted by Neil Wolfson and chosen out of 30,000 submitted by the public. The design is a diagram that shows a top-down view of one half of a football field and demonstrate the offside rule with words and arrows to symbols representing players. The reverse of the 2011 Football Fifty Pence piece holds Neil Wolfson's design which demonstrates the offside rule. It shows a top-down view of a football pitch, with players represented by shapes. A triangle player is making a choice to pass the ball to another triangle player; Next to one player are the words 'NOT OFFSIDE' and next to the other are the words 'OFFSIDE'. The words 'OFFSIDE EXPLAINED' are immediately above the diagram, above them is the 2012 Summer Olympics' Logo and at the bottom of the coin are the words '50 PENCE'. On the obverse is Ian Rank-Broadley's portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. The 2011 Football 50ps are struck in cupronickel alloy to standard Fifty Pence piece specifications (weight: 8.00 grams, diameter: 27.30 millimetres). 1,125,500 of these coins entered circulation. Please note that the photograph on this page is a stock image. The coin you will receive is one that entered circulation and therefore will look like the coins that you find in your change, comparable condition to the coin in the photo.


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London Summer Olympics 2011 Football circulated Fifty Pence piece.

Circulated Football UK Olympic Fifty Pence

  • Obverse: Ian Rank-Broadley's fourth definitive portrait of Her Majesty the Queen with the legend: 'ELIZABETH · II · D · G REG · F · D  · 2011'
  • Reverse: Top down view of a football pitch demonstrating the offside rule, 2012 Olympic logo above and '50 PENCE' below
  • Specification: Circulated coin, struck in 8.00 grams of cupronickel. Diameter: 27.30 millimetres. Face value: 50p / Fifty Pence
  • Presentation: One of 1,125,500 minted with this design and released into circulation


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