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1665 Charles II Silver Pattern Farthing

1665 Charles II Silver Pattern Farthing Obverse

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A rare and very collectable silver pattern Farthing of King Charles the Second dated 1665. The obverse features a laureate bust of Charles II, wearing Roman armour and facing left. This is similar to the portrait that appears on later copper and tin issues made during Charles’ reign. The reverse shows the seated figure of Britannia, her arm resting on a shield with a spear in one arm and a sprig of leaves in the other. These fascinating early milled pattern coins by John Roettiers have many variations as they were experimental pieces to consider options full circulation. They can be found in silver and copper. This coin with the scarcer dies of 1b+A has the shorter obverse hair and the noticeable fold of loose drapery under the elbow on the reverse.
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Obv 1b. Bust of Charles II, facing right with short hair: laureate and cuirassed with two long loose ribbons at the back of his neck.Legend around reads 'CARLOVS · A · CAROLO ·' with the date beneath (1665).


Rev A. Britannia in long, flowing drapery, seated leaning on a shield with a spear, her bare leg forward, holding a sprig of leaves in her right hand. Legend around, broken by central device: 'QVATVOR · MARIA · VINDICO'. In exergue: 'BRITANNIA'.


Vertical straight grained, border toothed


GF - Under magnification some background cleaning marks, otherwise Good Fine.


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