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1937 King George VI Fifteen Coin Silver Bronze Brass Coronation Specimen Proof Set

1937 George VI Coronation Proof Set Boxed

* Images are of the actual product not stock images

Buy a 1937 King George VI Fifteen Coin Silver Bronze Brass Coronation Specimen Proof Set

List Price: £450.00
Fifteen coin coronation proof set, issued to mark the coronation of King George VI in 1937. George became King on the abdication of his brother, Edward VIII, in December 1936. He was crowned the following year in Westminster Abbey, becoming the third British monarch of the House of Windsor. He would reign until 1952 when he was succeeded by his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. This commemorative set includes proof examples of the coinage struck during George V's coronation year, from a special silver coronation Crown (issued only in this year) to a full Maundy set and a nickel brass Farthing bearing the appealing wren design, the first year this was used. Each coin bears Thomas Humphrey Paget's portrait of George VI, bare headed and facing left, as used on all his UK coinage. This is accompanied by a legend that reads 'GEORGIUS VI D: G: BR: OMN: REX' with the smaller denominations proclaiming the King Emperor of India ('IMD: IMP:' a title that he would relinquish in 1948. The silver pieces (the Crown, Halfcrown, Florin, English Shilling, Scottish Shilling, Sixpence, one Threepence and the Maundy coins) are composed of .500 silver, typical of British coinage of this period. The other Threepence, Farthing, Penny and Halfpenny are all made of bronze to standard specifications for this reign. All the coins in the set were struck with a proof finish which has been carefully preserved by previous owners. They come in their original, clean, red leather box of issued stamped on the lid in gold with the words 'SPECIMEN COINS 1937' below the King's cypher. Grade: UNC - Very clean set with silver proof coins bright with the bronze just starting to tone. Please note: the images of this product are stock photos, provided for reference. You will receive a set in comparable grade.
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Coins in George VI 1937 Proof Set

  • 1937 Silver Coronation Crown
  • 1937 Silver Halfcrown
  • 1937 Silver Florin
  • 1937 Silver English Shilling
  • 1937 Silver Scottish Shilling
  • 1937 Silver Sixpence
  • 1937 Silver Threepence
  • 1937 Silver Maundy Fourpence
  • 1937 Silver Maundy Threepence
  • 1937 Silver Maundy Twopence
  • 1937 Silver Maundy Penny
  • 1937 Brass Threepence
  • 1937 Bronze Farthing
  • 1937 Bronze Penny
  • 1937 Bronze Halfpenny


Fifteen coin set featuring eleven 50% silver coins and four base metal (brass and bronze) pieces. Each of these UK coins is struck specifications for the period with a fine proof or 'specimen' finish


UNC - This set is in uncirculated condition with all the silver coins bright with the brass and bronze just starting to tone. The images provided are stock photos but provide a good representation of the set you will recieve.

What Coins Were Included In 1937 Proof Sets?

Specimen sets issued to mark the coronation of King George VI included eleven 50% silver coins including a special Coronation Crown, a Halfcrown, a Florin, an English Shilling, a Scottish Shilling, a Sixpence, and a Threepence, plus four royal Maundy coins (a Fourpence, a Threepence, a Twopence and a Penny). In addition to this, 1937 sets include a brass Threepence and three bronze coins: a Farthing, a Penny and a Halfpenny. Yes, that's three separate Threepences, all distinct in appearance.

Who was Humphrey Paget?

Thomas Humphrey Paget OBE (1893-1974) was a prolific English medal and coin designer, born into a family of artists. Paget is, perhaps, best remembered for his rendition of Francis Drake's Golden Hind: the sailing ship that appeared on the Halfpenny from 1937 until the coin was withdrawn in 1969. He designed the portrait of King Edward VIII that would have been used on British coinage, had he not abdicated in favour of his brother, King George VI. Paget designed George's portrait too and this was used on the King's coinage until his death in 1952.


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