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2022 Elizabeth II Memorial Five Ounce Gold Proof Coin

UK22QMG5 2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 5oz Gold Proof Reverse Obverse
(VAT Exempt)
.999 gold proof five ounce Elizabeth II memorial coin from a limited edition of just 200 pieces. This collectible £500 coin is part of a moving collection from The Royal Mint, celebrating the life and legacy of Her Majesty the Queen, who passed away at Balmoral Castle on 8 September 2022. The new range includes the first UK coins to feature the new definitive portrait of King Charles III, designed by sculptor Martin Jennings. The effigy shows King Charles facing right, following a centuries-old British coinage tradition wherein the new monarch faces the opposite direction to their predecessor. Charles’ portrait is surrounded by a legend that reads: 'CHARLES III · D · G · REX · F · D · 500 POUNDS · 2022’. The reverse of this coin features a right-facing portrait of the late Queen by prolific coinage artist John Bergdahl. In this graceful depiction, inspired by historic numismatic designs, Elizabeth II is shown wearing a pearl necklace and is surrounded by laurel branches and rose, tied with a ribbon. The legend reads ‘ELIZABETH REGINA 1926-2022’. It’s a remarkable tribute to our longest reigning monarch, the first to mark a Platinum Jubilee. This 24 carat gold proof coin weighs 156.30 grams and has a diameter of 50.00 millimetres, allowing you to enjoy the design in all its glory. It comes in its original presentation packaging from The Royal Mint with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Please see below for shipping and mintage details.
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LEP of just 200: Elizabeth II gold proof official five ounce Royal Mint coin with new King Charles III portrait by Martin Jennings. 

5oz Gold Groof 2022 Elizabeth II Memorial Coin

  • Obverse: Left-facing portrait of King Charles III by Martin Jennings. Legend around reads: 'CHARLES III · D · G · REX · F · D · 500 POUNDS · 2022'
  • Reverse: Portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II, facing right, with laurels and roses below. Artist: John Bergdahl. Legend: 'ELIZABETH REGINA 1926-2022'
  • Specification: Proof coin, struck in 156.30 grams of 999 (24 carat) gold. Diameter: 50.00 millimetres. Face value: £500 / Five Hundred Pounds
  • Presentation: One of just 200 issued by The Royal Mint in this limited edition presentation. Comes in original packaging with certificate of authenticity

The Elizabeth II Memorial Range

Every milestone in Queen Elizabeth's remarkable 70 year reign has been celebrated on Royal Mint coinage. From her 1953 coronation to her 2022 Platinum Jubilee, we can chart Her Majesties life of service through her official currency.

Following the Queen's peaceful passing on 8 September, the Mint has issued one last tribute in the form of a memorial coin collection. Whether you're a royal fan or a collector of British coins, these pieces represent the perfect memento of Elizabeth II's life and legacy

You can read more about the extensive range on our blog: First UK Coins With Charles III Portrait: Elizabeth II Memorial Range.

First Definitive Coin Portrait Of Charles III

Coins in the Queen Elizabeth memorial collection will be first to feature a new portrait of King Charles III.

The first definitive effigy of the King is the work of Martin Jennings, a British sculptor. The portrait was chosen via a closed competition and approved by the new monarch. As expected, the design shows Charles facing left, the opposite direction to his mother: a tradition that dates back to the seventeenth century.

Jennings' portrait shows King Charles without a crown, his name rendered in English for the legend as 'CHARLES III · D · G · REX · F · D' rather than the Latin 'CAROLUS' as some had been expecting. 'REX' translates to 'King,' replacing 'REG' or 'REGINA' as used on the Queen's coinage.

New 50p With Historic Reverse

It's likely that the first Charles III coins we find in our change will be a new 50p because the Royal Mint has announced that this commemorative design is headed for circulation.

This coin may look familiar because it's a recreation of the 1953 Crown, issued to mark Her Majesty's coronation. The design shows the constituent parts of the royal arms with national flower emblems between them: an English rose, a Scottish thistle, an Irish shamrock and a Welsh leek which hides the date: 2022.

The design is the work of heraldic artist Edgar Fuller and was modelled by Cecil Thomas. 

Coin Our Price 
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 50p Gold Proof £995.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 50p Piedfort Gold Proof £2,395.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 50p Silver Proof £59.50
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 50p Piedfort Silver Proof £99.50
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 50p Platinum Proof £1,495.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 50p Brilliant Uncirculated £18.00

£5 Crown With Double Portrait

John Berghdahl's Five Pound coin is a new design but, like the 50p, it pays tribute to the Queen's long life of service.

This coin shows two new portraits of Her Majesty the Queen. The bust to the left shows a youthful Elizabeth who faces while the more mature portrait to the right. The legend above reads 'ELIZABETH REGINA' with '1926-2022' below.

These twin portraits, surmounted by St Edward's Crown and separated by the late Queen's 'EIIR' cypher, draw on the definitive effigies seen on her coinage down the decades with the three-quarters pose and the flourishes behind adding something new to this memorial coin.

Coin Our Price 
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial £5 Crown Gold Proof £2,250.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial £5 Crown Silver Proof £95.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial £5 Crown Piedfort Silver Proof £180.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial £5 Crown Platinum Proof £5,770.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial £5 Crown Brilliant Uncirculated £25.00

Commemorative Oz Memorial Coins

A celebration of two British monarchs on one coin, marking a moment of transition. 

These collector's pieces feature King Charles III to the obverse and a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to the reverse.

The graceful reverse design is also the work of John Berghdahl and shows Elizabeth II wearing a triple string of pearls, facing right as she did on her own coinage. A wreath of laurel leaves and roses, tied with a ribbon, surrounds the portrait which is enclosed by the legend 'ELIZABETH REGINA 1926-2022'.

These oz coins take clear inspiration from historic numismatic design. It's worth comparing this to the portrait of Queen Victoria, ensnared with laurels, that appears on one side of her Diamond Jubilee medals. 

Coin Our Price 
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 1kg Gold Proof £82,950.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 10oz Gold Proof £29,405.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 5oz Gold Proof £13,395.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 2oz Gold Proof £3,995.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 1oz Gold Proof £2,725.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 1/4oz Gold Proof £725.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 1kg Silver Proof £1,795.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 10oz Silver Proof £1,050.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 5oz Silver Proof £570.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 1oz Silver Proof £105.00
2022 Elizabeth II Memorial 1oz Platinum Proof £2,305.00

Charles III Coins With Free Shipping

We're posting Elizabeth II memorial coins to UK addresses for free, fully insured and discreetly packaged. Shipping for international orders costs just £15. Visit our delivery page for more details.

Please note: shipping for 2022 Charles III coins may take up to 3 months.

The Royal Mint is anticipating exceptional demand for these Elizabeth II memorial coins. Because of this, many of the coins in this range, including all of the 50ps and £5 Crowns, are subject to a sales window, running to 31 December 2022. The number of orders received will determine the eventual mintage.

As these coins are struck to order we cannot offer refunds or cancellations.


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