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Bulk Mixed Date Unsorted 1895-1967 British Bronze Old Penny Coins Kiloware (Best Value)

Buy Old British Pennies in Bulk (Best Value)

Buy a Bulk Mixed Date Unsorted 1895-1967 British Bronze Old Penny Coins Kiloware (Best Value)

Unsorted bulk bronze Pennies, available now for flooring projects and other crafts. Looking to create a Penny floor? Our old Pennies can add a stylish industrial touch to your kitchen, bathroom or entryway. You can't spend these coins in shops anymore but they are suitable for a range of creative craft and decor projects. We pre-sort our old Pennies to ensure they're all the same size, making them easy to arrange. Each coin measures 30.86 millimetres in diameter and weighs 9.40 grams. You're guaranteed to receive bronze Pennies in good condition, their historic designs lending a vintage flair to your creations. Our bulk bags contain British Pennies dated 1895 to 1967 meaning you could receive Pennies featuring portraits of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V, George VI or Elizabeth II. All feature the iconic image of Britannia holding her trident on the 'tails' side - you won't find any of the new shield 1ps in the coins you receive. The colours of these Pennies may vary from a dark burnt umber to a bright coppery shine, dependent on age and wear. We recommend sorting them to make geometric designs or using a mixture for a light-catching, textured effect. All you need to do is choose the quantity you need: we'll ship these coins in bulk to your address (UK only), ready for your imagination to take hold.
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Quality old British bronze Pennies: available for UK delivery only in bulk quantities.

Buy Old Pennies In Bulk

Need old Pennies? Our bulk bronze Penny bags are the most economical way to get hold of large quantities fast. Simply choose the amount you need and we'll deliver to your door. 

You can't spent these old Pennies in shops anymore but they're great for a whole range of projects. Using these coins for trendy Penny floors adds a vintage feel to any interior, their aged coppery colour fitting well with many decor styles. We particularly like how these coins catch light from candles and fireplaces.

Our old Pennies are all the same size making them easy to arrange. They've also been carefully sorted, ensuring you only get coins in good condition. These 1p coins do show signs of wear but you'll be able to appreciate their unique, historic designs and read the words on either side. Colours may vary, allowing you to create stylised patterns with your Pennies or choose an organic, variegated look by picking coins at random from your bulk order.

Individual Old Penny Specifications

  • Weight: 9.4 grams
  • Diameter: 30.86 millimetres
  • Composition: Bronze alloy with trace amounts of zinc and tin

What Are Old Pennies Made Of?

Our bulk UK Pennies are all made from bronze.

In the past, Pennies were made from silver. The first copper Pennies entered peoples pockets in 1797. These large coins were known as Cartwheel Pennies are were pretty impractical so the size was significantly reduced in the following years. The old copper coins wore down easily so in the Victorian period the British government choose to start making Pennies from a bronze alloy. These new bronze coins had a similar appearance but the addition of small amounts of other metals like tin and zinc made them stronger and more resistant to being dropped in tills and clinking together in pockets and purses.

Bronze was used to make UK 1ps until 1991 when it was replaced with copper-plated steel. Our bulk Pennies are all 'old money' bronze Pennies and date to the time before Decimal Day when Britain decimalised its coinage.

Uses For Old British Penny Coins

There's a wide variety of things you can do with our bulk bags of old bronze Pennies:

  1. Craft projects like wind-chimes and picture frames
  2. Tabletops and trays with epoxy or glass tops
  3. Jewellery design including rings, pendants or charms
  4. Feature walls and kitchen backsplashes
  5. Penny floors in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms
  6. Vintage gaming machines (Allwin etc.)

You might think that all old Pennies look the same but there's been a range of slightly designs used these coins over the years. Plus, wear and tear lends each Penny a unique tone. It's possible to create an interesting textural effect when you use lots of Pennies in an interior project, adding a muted industrial glimer to your home or garden.

How Many Pennies Are Needed For A Penny Floor?

If you're looking for a unique flooring option then a Penny floor is the way to go. A quick search on Pinterest shows Pennies and other bronze coins being used to great effect in stylish entryways, showers stalls, toilets and kitchens.

Are Penny Floors Legal? It might be technically illegal to deface an image of the Queen but it's very unlikely you'll get in trouble for creating a Penny floor or using UK coins for other crafts, particularly when you used our old, out of circulation Pennies. We wouldn't advise using our old Pennies for any offensive purposes but otherwise we say have fun.

Installation requires a bit of patience: you'll need to use an epoxy-based adhesive to stick down each bronze 1p, ensuring there are no gaps between them. The next step is grouting around the coins before coating your floor with several layers of varnish to create a smooth surface. If you're looking to create a geometric design using the varied colours of old Pennies then you'll have to spend some time sorting before you start.

You'll need about 1,089 Pennies to cover a square meter, making Penny floors much cheaper than many other flooring materials. You could collect Pennies from your change but it will take you a while to gather enough to tile your bathroom floor. Our bulk 1ps Pennies make the job easier.

Bulk Queen Victoria Bronze Pennies 

You'll receive a range of old Pennies in our bulk Penny bags. We're including British Pennies dated 1895 to 1967. This means you might find some Victorian coins in your order as well as Pennies with portraits of Edward VII, George V, George VI and Elizabeth II. All these coins show the classic image of Britannia - the female personification of Great Britain - on their 'tails' side though the design does change a little over the years.

Some Pennies are rarer than others and you're unlikely to find any collectible coins in your bulk bag. We also can't guarantee specific dates. If you're looking for Victorian Pennies only, Elizabeth II coins or specific years then please do get in touch or browse the coins on our website. Otherwise, we'll send you a mixture of bronze pennies, based on our current availability.

You won't find any modern, decimal 1ps in your order. New Pennies feature a shield design and are made of copper-plated steel rather than bronze like our old coins.

We can only ship our old Pennies to UK address right now. Contact us before you click the buy button for international orders.

Sell Your Old British Pennies

Got old British Pennies you don't want? We'll buy your old coins for market leading prices. Get cash for your Pennies from home by visiting our Sell Your Coins page. We'll provide a free, no obligation quote. If you're happy with out price all you need to do is post your coins to us. We'll pay you within 48 hours of your coins reaching our office in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.

Frequently Asked Questions

We sell old British bronze Pennies in large quantities for interiors projects and tiling. When you buy with The Britannia Coin Company you'll receive UK Pennies dated 1895-1969 in good condition, making it easy to add a vintage industrial flair to your home. We'll post your coins so you can get started quick.

The easiest way to clean Pennies is using a combination of salt and vinegar. Try immersing your coins in a half a cup of vinegar with 15 grams of salt, leaving for a while before washing the mixture off. You can also try metal cleaners like Brasso or Barkeepers Friend to get your Pennies looking shiny again.

Penny floors are actually be cheaper in material costs than lots of other flooring options like stone, tile and wood. The big cost of a Penny floor is the time it takes to lay it. This can be a time consuming process, especially if you need to sort your Pennies by colour for a geometric design.

It might be technically illegal to deface an image of the Queen but it's very unlikely you'll get in trouble for creating a Penny floor or using UK coins for other crafts, particularly when you used old, out of circulation Pennies. We wouldn't advise using old Pennies for any offensive purposes but otherwise we say have fun.

You’ll need approximately 2,400 old British Pennies to tile a square meter of floor, assuming you leave no gaps between the coins. Each of the bronze Penny measures 30.86 millimetres in diameter (less a little for wear). They’re machine made to exacting specifications so you can easily calculate the amount you’ll need.

Most old British Pennies are made from bronze. It’s only recently that steel-plated copper has been used to make these coins. Our bulk bags of pre-decimal Pennies contain only bronze coins: that’s a copper alloy with small amounts of zinc and tin. Earlier English coins were made of silver and pure copper.

We sell old copper-coloured Pennies in large quantities for interiors projects and tiling. These coins are actually made from a bronze alloy which is primarily copper with small amounts of zinc and tin for toughness. When you buy with The Britannia Coin Company you'll receive UK Pennies dated 1895-1969.

If you've laid your coin floor right including securing each coin to the floor with adhesive, carefully grouting and covering your mosaic in an epoxy resin layer then a Penny floor can be extremely durable. We advise calling in a professional to ensure your Penny floor is laid properly for a long lasting finish.

You'll need to grout between each coin when you lay a Penny floor and then coat the whole floor in several layers of epoxy resin. This can be a time consuming process but there's lots of step-by-step guides available online to walk you through the job which is made easier with out bulk bronze coin bags.

Covering a floor or wall in coins can be a time consuming process involving arranging and sticking down each coin with adhesive, grouting then covering in epoxy resin. The process takes longer if you're saving coins from your change for the job. Make things easier by buying our bulk bronze Penny bags, containing thousands of coins ready for your coin floor project.

There's all kinds of things you can do with old coins like Pennies including Penny floors, making jewellery and lots of other craft projects. If you've got old coins you want to sell for cash then contact The Britannia Coin Company. We buy all old coins. Get a free, no obligation quote via our Sell Your Coins page today.

A newly minted penny weighed 9.45g when struck. As these coins are circulated and have received some wear, we'd suggest ordering 110 coins to receive a kilo.


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