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2018 Gold Bullion Half Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II Coin

2018 Gold Bullion Half Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II Coin

Buy a 2018 Gold Bullion Half Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II Coin

(VAT Exempt)
Invest in a 2018 Half Sovereign today. These coins have been minted to the same specifications for more than 200 years: each is composed of 3.99 grams of 22 carat (916.7) gold. That equates to an actual gold weight of 3.66 grams or 0.1177 troy ounces. 2018 uncirculated Half Sovereigns feature Jody Clark’s portrait of Her Majesty the Queen to their obverse. In use on British currency since 2015, this was the first definitive royal effigy in decades to be designed by a member of The Royal Mint’s staff. Clark’s profile is paired with a much older reverse, created by an Italian artist named Benedetto Pistrucci for the first modern Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns. His depiction of England’s patron saint, St George, in the act of slaying a dragon, has become closely associated with these gold coins, an instant identifier for a denomination that does not show its value on its face. The long history of Half Sovereigns is a big part of their appeal, so too their VAT free and Capital Gains Tax exempt status. We’ll carefully select your 2018 Half Sovereign from our top-notch bullion stock. Graded aEF (about Extremely Fine) or better, your Royal Mint gold coin will carry very few marks or signs of wear, making them an excellent choice for gifts.
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Top-quality bullion 2018 Half Sovereigns, struck in the year of Elizabeth II's Sapphire Jubilee.

What Are Gold Half Sovereigns?

The first Half Sovereigns were struck during the reign of Tudor King Henry VIII. Centuries later, a new gold coin bearing this name was introduced, following a major overhaul of British coinage. This Half Sovereign, first minted in 1817, established the specifications that are still strictly followed today.

All Half Sovereigns weigh 3.99 grams and are composed of 22 carat gold. That equates to an actual gold weight of .1177 troy ounces: exactly half that of 'full' Sovereigns. Half Sovereigns have a nominal face value of half a pound sterling but their gold content gives them a value well in excess of this.

Half Sovereigns once circulated across the globe, a symbol of the British Empire, trusted to contain a known quantity of gold. Regular production ended in 1926 with only special coronation issues struck until The Royal Mint began offering a limited number of Half Sovereigns again in 1980.

Saint George and the Dragon

2018 Half Sovereigns feature a reverse design that is closely tied to the history of these remarkable gold coins. Crafted by Italian artist, Benedetto Pistrucci, for the first modern Sovereigns, the image of Saint George on horseback, finishing off a cowed dragon, has been a perennial presence on British coinage ever since. Pistrucci's initials – BP – appear below the horses' hooves in this dynamic image of England's patron saint.

That design is paired with Jody Clark's effigy of Elizabeth II: the fifth official portrait of Her Majesty used on her coinage. Clark was the first Royal Mint engraver to create a definitive coinage effigy of a British monarch for over 100 years.

Please note: proof Half Sovereigns from 2018 feature a special '65' privy mark to celebrate the Queen's Sapphire Jubilee, uncirculated coins from the same year do not have this feature.

High Grade Half Sovereigns

We'll hand select your 2018 Sovereign from our best gold bullion stock by our expert staff. Every example is graded aEF (about Extremely Fine) or above. Extremely Fine Sovereigns carry very limited signs of wear and as such make a great choice if you're adding high-quality Sovereigns to your collection. Your purchase will be carefully and discretely packaged for delivery which is free to UK addresses.

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All Sovereigns, including the 2018 Half Sovereign are exempt from Capital Gains Tax as UK legal tender and free from VAT in the UK and EU as investment grade gold.

Where Can I Sell A Bullion Half Sovereign?

The easiest way to sell a 2018 Half Sovereign is to contact The Britannia Coin Company. We offer market leading prices for these modern collectible coins as well as other old currency. Visit our Sell Your Coins page to find out how you can get paid for you Half Sovereigns from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

2018 Half Sovereigns are composed of 3.99 grams of 22 carat gold. With a pure gold weight of 3.66 grams (0.1177 troy ounces) their value depends on the gold market. We pay industry leading rates for 2018 Half Sovereigns: visit our Sell Your Coins page for more.

The Royal Mint has not released mintage figures for uncirculated 2018 Half Sovereigns. These gold bullion coins are limited edition and this data might become available in the future. The Britannia Coin Company offers low margins on 2018 Half Sovereigns.


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