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2023 Elizabeth II Gold Proof 3 Sovereign Set

2023 Elizabeth II Gold Proof 3 Sovereign Set Mockup
(VAT Exempt)
Three coin 2023 Sovereign sets: register your interest now. Click TRACK PRODUCT below to sign up for email alerts. We’ll send you a message as soon as we have this set in stock. Proof Sovereign sets are issued annually by The Royal Mint and are sought after by collectors and investors. The obverse of coins in the 2023 Sovereign family will likely show Jody Clark’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, in use on British coinage since 2015. The most commonly used reverse in the last century has been the image of Saint George and the Dragon. Created in 1817 for the first modern Sovereigns, this design is the work of Italian artist Benedetto Pistrucci. In the last couple of decades, proof Sovereigns have displayed one-year-only design changes, usually authorised for royal anniversaries. 2023 will mark 70 years since Her Majesty the Queen’s 1953 coronation so this might be celebrated with a privy mark or an alternate reverse. Right now we don’t know much about the design but we’ll update our info and share details on our social media pages when we do. Three coin Sovereign sets usually contain a ‘full’ proof Sovereign, a Half Sovereign and a Quarter Sovereign and will only be available in limited numbers. Sign up today to avoid disappointment.
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What Are Sovereign Sets?

The first modern Sovereigns were struck in 1817 in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars. Over the next century, these gold coins became prized across the British Empire, trusted to contain a known and significant quantity of gold.

In the past, gold Sovereign sets were issued by The Royal Mint to mark coronations. A very small number of proof coins were struck for Her Majesty's 1953 coronation but not issued. Proof Sovereigns would not be regularly struck until 1979 and a proof set would not be offered until 1980. Now they're a regular feature of The Royal Mint’s offer.

If previous years are anything to go by, three coin sets for 2023 will contain:

What Will 2023 Sovereigns Look Like?

In recent years, Sovereigns have featured a range of commemorative designs, authorised for royal anniversaries. For instance, coins in the 2022 Sovereign family featured a special royal arms reverse, issued to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

We know that the obverse of 2023 Sovereigns - from Quintuple Sovereigns to Quarters - will likely feature Jody Clark’s portrait of Elizabeth II, in use on British money since 2015. Most gold Sovereigns feature Benedetto Pistrucci's image of St George and the Dragon on their reverse. It’s a design crafted in the early nineteenth century for the first modern Sovereigns but will it be used again in 2023?

We're not sure exactly what these coins will look like yet but we'll update you as soon as we have more clues. Keep an eye on our blog and our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for news and info on mintages.

How Can I Buy 2023 Sovereign Sets?

We'll send you an alert as soon as we open sales for these proof Sovereign sets. All you need to do is click TRACK PRODUCT at the top of this page. Either login or create an account with us. This means we can send you an automated email the minute our 2023 sets are available.

These Sovereign sets will only be available in limited numbers in 2023: sign up today for email alerts.

We won't be able to ship these proof Sovereign sets immediately but you will need to act fast to secure your coin. Each year since we started trading we've been able to offer a comprehensive range of proof Sovereigns, bullion options and sets and you can track all these products too via the links below:


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