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1991 Gold Proof Three Sovereign Set Queen Elizabeth II

1991 Gold Proof 3 Sovereign Set Boxed

Buy a 1991 Gold Proof Three Sovereign Set Queen Elizabeth II

(VAT Exempt)
Limited edition gold proof Sovereign set, issued by The Royal Mint in 1991. The three coins in this set all feature Raphael Maklouf's portrait of Her Majesty the Queen to the obverse. This is the third such effigy used on Elizabeth II's coinage and was introduced in 1985. The design shows the Queen facing right, wearing the George IV State Diadem. The reverse shows the instantly recognisable image of Saint George, England's patron saint, battling a dragon from his position on horseback. It's a classic British coinage design, seen perennially on Sovereigns since these coins were first struck in 1817. It's the work of Italian artist Benedetto Pistrucci and has become a way to identify Sovereigns, a denomination that does not state its value on its face. This set includes a Half Sovereign, a 'full' Sovereign and a Double Sovereign, all dated 1991. Each piece is struck to proof standard in 22 carat (916.7) gold to specifications established centuries ago. The total weight of the three Sovereigns is 27.95 grams, equating to an actual gold weight of 25.92 grams. The set is offered in its original presentation box from The Royal Mint. The certificate of authenticity notes that this set comes from a limited edition presentation of 2,500. Spink suggests a much lower number were actually issued, putting the figure at 1,165. What's certainly true is that these early decimal Sovereign sets are sought after by collectors.
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Limited edition gold proof three-coin 1991 Sovereign set featuring a Half Sovereign, a 'full' Sovereign and a Double Sovereign in their original presentation box.

Royal Mint Gold Proof Sovereign Sets

The very first gold Sovereigns were struck in the 1400s by the Tudor kings and their prestigious legacy was reclaimed when the modern Sovereign was introduced in 1817. Over the next century, Sovereigns became prized across the British Empire, trusted to contain a known and significant quantity of gold.

Sovereigns once circulated across the globe but production ceased with the outbreak of the First World War. Reintroduced in 1957, annual issues attract investors and collectors with limited edition proof Sovereigns - hand-finished for a flawless effect - the most sought-after.

Proof Sovereigns were initially only struck by The Royal Mint to celebrate coronations. The first proof pieces would be issued for collectors in 1979 with limited edition sets offered for the first time in 1980. Since then, boxed sets containing coins from each year's Sovereign family have attracted a dedicated group of collectors.

What Coins Are In 1991 Three Sovereign Sets?

Three coin Sovereign sets issued by The Royal Mint in 1991 contain a range of collectible coinage, including:

The obverse of each of these coins features the third definitive portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Raphael Maklouf. This effigy shows Her Majesty facing right, wearing the George IV State Diadem. The legends all read: 'ELIZABETH II DEI · GRA · REG · F · D ·'.

The reverses show the instantly recognisable image of Saint George on horseback with the date below. It's an interpretation of the central legend associated with England's patron saint which involves George slaying a fearsome dragon. This motif was designed in 1817 by Benedetto Pistrucci and has featured on many gold Sovereigns down the centuries.

A special, rectangular Royal Mint medal is also enclosed with the coins.

Where To Buy A 1991 Proof Set?

Sovereign sets remain a prestige offer in The Royal Mint's calendar, eagerly anticipated by buyers. The market for older sets is strong, particularly those that include variant designs. Plus, they offer a couple of important tax benefits: Sovereign sets are VAT-free as investment gold and Capital Gains Tax exempt as UK legal tender.

In total, the coin in this three-coin proof set weigh 27.95 grams, equating to a pure gold content of 25.62 grams. 

The leaflet included in this 1991 set states that 2,500 of these sets were authorised for issue by The Royal Mint. However, Spink's guide to decimal coinage states that only 1,165 such Sovereign sets were struck this year. Whichever figure is correct, these sets are getting harder to get hold of, more than three decades after they were issued.

This 1991 Sovereign set is practically as issued, the fine proof finish of each coin protected by the original capsules. They come in their red leather Royal Mint box of issue, the lid inscribed with gold lettering and a numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed.

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