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1991 Elizabeth II Gold Proof Half Sovereign

1991 Gold Proof Half Sovereign Boxed
(VAT Exempt)
Proof 22 carat gold Half Sovereign in its original presentation case from The Royal Mint. Just 3,588 proof Half Sovereigns were issued in 1991, making this among the lowest mintage Half Sovereigns. These coins are always struck in smaller numbers than their larger counterparts, the ‘full’ Sovereign. Half Sovereigns are composed of 3.99 grams of 916.7 gold meaning they contain 3.66 grams of pure gold. This is exactly half the amount in a full Sovereign. Both coins were first issued in 1817, taking their name from a rare and prestigious Tudor denomination. White Half Sovereigns were struck consistently through the nineteenth century, they fell out of circulation for decades before The Royal Mint started issuing these coins again in a proof format in the 1980s. For these modern Elizabeth II coins, a historic reverse is used: Benedetto Pistrucci’s St George and the dragon, designed for the first modern Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns. This is paired with Raphael Maklouf’s portrait of Her Majesty the Queen to the obverse, as used on British money from 1968 until 1998. There was no uncirculated Half Sovereign issued in 1991, so if you’re looking to make up a complete set this proof edition is an essential purchase. We’ll supply your coin with its box of issue and its numbered certificate of authenticity. Order now to avoid disappointment.
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Gold proof Elizabeth II Half Sovereign with Arnold Machin portrait to the obverse.

What Are Proof Half Sovereigns?

The first Half Sovereigns were minted by the Tudor monarchs. Later, the name was revived for a new gold coin, introduced in 1817 following a major overhaul of British coinage. They were minted for more than a century, only falling out of production and circulation after the First World War.

Half Sovereigns are composed of 3.99 grams of 22 carat gold. They have a diameter of 19.30 and contain .1177 troy ounces of pure gold. Nominally, Half Sovereigns have a value of half a Pound sterling though their precious metal content and value to collectors means they are worth significantly more.

Proof Half Sovereigns began to be minted regularly in the 1980s, joining full Sovereigns as part of the The Royal Mint's most prestigious annual issue. These coins are available annually in sets and individually.

What Do 1991 Half Sovereigns Look Like?

The obverse of 1991 proof Half Sovereigns features Arnold Machin's portrait of Her Majesty the Queen wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara. This is the second effigy of Elizabeth II used on her British coinage and was introduced in 1968. It is accompanied by a legend that reads: 'ELIZABETH II DEI · GRA · REG · F · D'.

The reverse shows a much older design, created in 1817 for the first modern Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns. It's the work of an Italian artist named Benedetto Pistrucci and shows England's patron saint, St George, locked in a struggle with a somewhat diminutive dragon. The date - 1991 - appears below with the artist's initials to the right.

As these coins do not bear their denomination on their face, the image of Saint George has become an easy identifier, synonymous with gold Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns.

Are Proof 1991 Half Sovereigns Valuable?

Proof Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns are always issued in smaller numbers than their bullion counterparts. In the 1990s, no uncirculated Half Sovereigns were being issued, just proofs, and 1991 is a very low mintage year for these limited edition coins.

Only 3,588 proof Half Sovereigns were minted in 1991.

Our proof Half Sovereigns are offered in their original presentation case from The Royal Mint with their numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed. The coin remains sealed in its capsule.

As well as their value to collectors, gold proof Half Sovereigns have some useful tax benefits: they're VAT free as investment gold and Capital Gains Tax free thanks to their legal tender status. While you'll pay a premium for proof coins over bullion you can't beat their attractive appearance or the strong collectors market for proof Half Sovereigns.

How To Sell Proof Half Sovereigns 

We buy 1991 proof Half Sovereigns and other gold coins for market leading prices. Whether you're selling one coin or a collection we're happy to offer you a free, no obligation quote that we're confident you'll be happy with. Been offered more elsewhere? Let us know! Visit our Sell Your Coins page for details.


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