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Victoria 'Jubilee Head' Full Gold Sovereigns

Best Value Victoria Jubilee Head Sovereigns Portraits

Buy a Victoria 'Jubilee Head' Full Gold Sovereigns

(VAT Exempt)
Our best value, mixed date Jubilee Head Sovereigns offer our lowest margin over spot for these historic Victorian gold coins. These pieces all bear the controversial Jubilee Portrait of Queen Victoria, named because it was introduced in her Golden Jubilee year: 1887. It’s the work of the sculptor Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm and shows the Queen wearing a long veil and a tiny crown. Mocked by contemporaries it was soon removed from British coinage. The effigy is paired with a more enduring design: Benedetto Pistrucci’s interpretation of Saint George in the act of slaying a dragon. You’ll receive our choice of date when you make an order our Jubilee Head Sovereigns, selected from our current stock. Sovereigns with this portrait were minted in the UK between 1887 and 1892. These coins are carefully authenticated by our expert team and are offered in Fine to Very Fine grade. You’ll still be able to appreciate this fascinating portrait and the classic design to the reverse though you may not some wear and superficial scratches on these circulated coins. Each Jubilee Head Sovereign conforms to a standard specification: they are composed of 7.98 grams of 22 carat gold with a diameter of 22.05 millimetres. That’s a pure gold content of 7.32 grams or 0.2354 troy ounces. We’ll supply your coin in a protective slip and pack it securely and discretely for shipping which is free to UK addresses.
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Best value, mixed date Jubilee Head gold Sovereigns graded F-VF.

History Of The Gold Sovereign

The first gold Sovereigns were struck in the days of the Tudor kings. The prestige of these hammered gold coins was revived for a new issue in 1817, following the Great Recoinage: a major overhaul of British currency in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars.

The Sovereigns issued in the reign of George III set a specification for these coins that would endure to today. Each piece is composed of 7.98 grams of 22 carat gold with a 22.05 millimetre diameter.

Each Jubilee Head Sovereign has a pure gold weight of 7.32 grams or 0.2354 troy ounces.

Once, Sovereigns circulated across the globe but minting ceased in the early twentieth century. Their enduring popularity caused The Royal Mint to begin issuing new Sovereigns in the 1950s though the demand for older Sovereigns - including those struck in Victorian times - has never abated.

Jubilee Portrait Of Queen Victoria

Several portraits were used on the Sovereigns issued during the long reign of Queen Victoria. Among the most controversial and short-lived is the Jubilee Head.

It gets its name because it was introduced in 1887: the year of Victoria's Golden Jubilee, marking fifty years on the throne. The work of sculptor, Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, the Jubilee Head shows the Queen wearing the Small Diamond Crown and a long lace veil. The veil was a nod to the state of morning she entered after the death of her husband, Prince Albert, but the tiny crown was mocked by contemporary pundits as it appeared it might topple off at any moment. The design was removed from British currency after only a few short years.

Boehm's initials appear to Victoria's shoulder and the legend reads: 'VICTORIA D: G: BRITT: REG: F: D:'.

Boehm's effigy is paired with a more enduring coinage design: Benedetto Pistrucci's Saint George and the dragon, created decades before for the first modern Sovereigns. The date appears below the cowering dragon, trampled below the hooves of St George's horse.

Buy A Victorian Jubilee Sovereign

Our best value Jubilee Head Sovereigns are selected by us from our available stock. You may find coins dated 1887 to 1892 in your order. Some later Sovereigns were struck at branch mints with this portrait but the coins that we're offering are mainly British. If you're looking for a specific date example then its worth browsing our other Victorian Sovereigns.

We carefully authenticate all our gold coins using our decades of expertise as well as XRF technology (which allows us to check the chemical composition of Sovereigns without damaging them).

Each of these Jubilee Head Sovereigns is graded Fine (F) to Very Fine (VF) meaning that the fascinating portrait is intact though superficial scratches and signs of wear may be apparent. These will not impact the gold weight or the appeal of these circulated Victorian coins.

How Valuable Are Jubilee Sovereigns?

The value of Jubilee Head Sovereigns can vary significantly.

High grade examples of gold coins with this instantly recognisable portrait can command prices well above the bullion value. Errors can also add value, as can the tiny mint mark letter, found on the ground beneath the dragon to the reverse. If you can see an 'S' then your Sovereign was struck in Sydney, Australia. An 'M' identifies the mint as Melbourne. Branch mint coins are often more valuable than their UK counterparts.

The value of most Jubilee Head Sovereigns will vary depending on the current gold spot price.

This can go up and down through the day but in the long term you will likely find that the price dealers are prepared to pay for your Sovereigns increases with the market.

Investing In Victorian Sovereigns

Historic Sovereigns are a great choice for investors for several reasons:

  • Their 22 carat gold composition offers the intrinsic security of precious metals as a way of storing wealth
  • The relatively low weight of 7.98 grams means that prices for Sovereigns are accessible and small portions of your collection can be easily liquidated
  • The numismatic value and aesthetic beauty of these coins adds a collectible element and can give Sovereigns a value above their gold content
  • As Jubilee Head Sovereigns are composed of investment grade gold they are exempt from VAT in the UK and European Union
  • Additionally, these gold coins are technically legal tender in the UK, making them exempt from Capital Gains Tax

Free Insured Postage From Wiltshire

The Britannia Coin Company is based in Royal Wootton Bassett in the beautiful county of Wiltshire. If you recognise the name it's probably because you remember the town's tribute to repatriated soldiers.

We post all our Jubilee Head Sovereigns from our shop at 143 High Street in the centre of town (look for the Old Bank Antiques sign to find us). Our expert team will pick your coin from our available stock and securely and discretely package it for shipping.

Delivery to UK addresses is free and insured, regardless of the size of your order. We use Royal Mail Special Delivery for a next day service. We charge a flat rate of £15 for international orders though there are a short list of countries we cannot ship to: you can find those details on our delivery page.

Sell A Jubilee Head Sovereign

Have you got Victorian Jubilee you're looking to sell? We buy all Victorian Sovereigns as well as modern gold, silver proof and numismatic coinage for market leading prices. Visit our selling guide for more info then get in touch: we can pay you fast for Sovereigns and lots of other coins either over our counter in Royal Wootton Bassett or by bank transfer.


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