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2023 Great Engravers Petition Crown Two Ounce Silver Proof Two Coin Set

UK23PC2S 2023 Great Engravers Petition Crown Two Ounce Silver Proof Two Coin Set Boxed

Buy a 2023 Great Engravers Petition Crown Two Ounce Silver Proof Two Coin Set

Limited edition Petition Crown two ounce silver proof set from The Royal Mint's Great Engravers collection. These premium collector's pieces from the UK's national mint breathe new life into distant chapter in British numismatic history, using long-forgotten techniques to recreate a supremely rare coin. Less than 30 Petition Crowns were struck in 1663. The work of English engraver Thomas Simon, they're famous for the raised lettering that appears on their edge. Simon's plea for his design to be used on Charles II's coins demonstrated his technical mastery, using a technique that's difficult to replicate, even today. The two coins in this set both feature that remarkable inscribed edge with each piece replicating one side of the original coin. One features an extraordinarily detailed portrait of old King Charles while the other shows the quartered arms of the United Kingdom. These seventeenth century designs are paired with Martin Jennings' new portrait of King Charles III. Both coin in this set are struck in 62.86 grams of 999 silver and finished to proof standard. You'll receive this set in its original presentation packing with a numbered certificate of authenticity confirming that its one of just 3,250 authorised for issue worldwide. In stock ready to dispatch!
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Two-ounce silver proof 2023 Thomas Simon Petition Crown set from The Royal Mint's Great Engravers collection.

Coins In 2023 2oz Silver Proof Petition Crown Set

  • 2023 Petition Charles II Portrait 2oz Silver Proof
  • 2023 Petition Quartered Arms 2oz Silver Proof


Each coin in this two-piece 2023 set is struck in 62.86 grams of 999 silver to finest proof standard. Face value: £5 / Five Pounds. Diameter: 40.60 millimetres from edge to edge. Total pure silver content: 312.29 grams.


These premium UK coins from The Royal Mint are offered in a bespoke display case with a numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed. Part of a limited edition presentation of 3,250 sets issued worldwide.

The Royal Mint's Great Engravers Collection

This set is the fifth release in The Royal Mint's Great Engravers series. Coins in this range celebrate iconic designs from British numismatic history, remastered using modern minting techniques.

So far, The Great Engravers collection has focused on masterpieces by William Wyon who served as Chief Engraver to the UK's national mint in the early nineteenth century. In 2019 collectors rushed to snap up Wyon's Una and the Lion design, struck on a range of limited-edition gold and silver proof coins. This was followed by a reissue of the artist's Three Graces pattern, created early in his career with the Royal Mint. In 2022 fans of the series were treated to a two-part release, featuring both sides of the famous 1847 Gothic Crown, known for its elaborate, medieval-revival-style portrait of Queen Victoria.

Now, for the next Great Engravers coins, the Mint are looking back to the reign of King Charles II and the work of another incredible British artist.

Who Is Great Engraver Thomas Simon?

Thomas Simon is the artist behind the latest addition to The Royal Mint's Great Engravers series: the 1663 Petition Crown.

Simon was born around 1618 and was apprenticed to an engraver at the Royal Mint in the 1630s, learning how to create coins, medals and seals. At this time, the Mint was based on Tower Hill, inside the Tower of London.

Simon supported Parliament during the English Civil War, staying in the capital to create coins, seals and medals for the Roundheads. After King Charles I's execution in 1649, Simon was rewarded with the position of Chief Engraver and became involved in creating new coins for the Commonwealth government, including some featuring a portrait of Oliver Cromwell.

He kept the top job until the monarchy was restored in 1660 when the previous King's son, King Charles II, returned from exile. What happened to Simon next prompted the creation of his most famous coin: the Petition Crown.

What Is The 1663 Petition Crown Coin?

Thomas Simon's Petition Crown is a piece of protest art, designed to demonstrate his superior skills.

Original versions are vanishingly rare. It's thought that less than thirty of these 1663 pattern coins were made.

They feature a highly-detailed portrait of King Charles II, crowned with a wreath of laurel leaves with the reverse showing shields of arms, representing England, Scotland, Ireland and France. Most remarkable, however, is the raised lettering to the edge which reads:


These coins were machine-made at a time when England was transitioning away from hand-made hammered coins once and for all. Simon had been invited to create designs for this new 'milled' coinage but he either missed the deadline or the work of another artist was chosen over his own. The ‘Dutch' that he's railing against on the edge of his Petition Crown, was an engraver called John Roettier, one of three brothers from Antwerp who took up positions at the Royal Mint in the 1660s.

Simon's edge inscription was an extraordinary technical innovation that remains challenging to recreate. Despite this, and the undoubtedly beautiful engraving work, the Royal Mint stuck with Roettier's design. Simon died in 1665 leaving the Petition Crown as his last masterpiece.

2023 Great Engravers Petition Crown Sets

This new release breathes life back into Thomas Simon's much-admired work, making his famous Petition Crown available to a wider audience.

The Royal Mint's design team have recreated the obverse and reverse of the historic 1663 coin on two separate modern collectables, offered together in limited edition sets. Both coins show Martin Jennings' definitive portrait of King Charles III on the obverse and display that fascinating inscribed edge with raised lettering all the way around. A special capsule has been developed to make this easy to view without directly handling the coins. 

These 2023 Petition Crown coins are available in 999.9 (24 carat) gold and 999 fine silver in a range of sizes, including one-off 5kg gold coins, hand finished by the Mint's craftspeople. The collection includes:

How To Buy A New 2023 Petition Crown Set

Get free, insured UK shipping on your Royal Mint Great Engravers Petition Crown set when you order from The Britannia Coin Company. We also offer affordable, flat-rate international shipping on new British proof coins meaning you can get newly released collector's items like the 2023 Petition Crown for less. Order your set now while stocks last.


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