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2017 Premium Gold Proof 3 Sovereign Set 200th Anniversary

SV317 2017 Elizabeth II 3 Coin Gold Proof Sovereign Set 200th Anniversary Boxed
(VAT Exempt)
Premium three coin proof Sovereign set from a limited issue of 499. 2017 was a major anniversary for the gold Sovereign: that year marked 200 years since the first modern Sovereigns were minted, back in 1817. To celebrate the occasion The Royal Mint issued Sovereigns with a reverse inspired by the earliest Sovereigns. Benedetto Pistrucci’s Saint George has been a perennial presence on these gold coins for two centuries now but his original design enclosed the patron saint within a stylised garter. This detail returns for the 2017 proof Sovereign family, three of which are included in this set. This historic engraving is paired with Jody Clark’s portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, in use on British coinage singe 2015. This premium set contains a Double Sovereign, a ‘full’ Sovereign and a Half Sovereign, all dated 2017 and finished to proof standard. All are struck in 22 carat gold with the set offering a total fine gold weight of 25.62 grams. Unusually the date appears on the obverse, not the reverse. These coins are offered in their original presentation packaging with a numbered certificate of authenticity.
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A collectible premium three-coin Sovereign set, issued in 2017 to celebrate two centuries of the gold Sovereign.

200 Years of the Sovereign

Proof Sovereigns, struck in 2017 feature a historic reverse to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the modern Sovereign. These gold coins were introduced in 1817 after a major overhaul of British coinage.

The reverse used for 1817 proof Sovereigns recreates the original variant of Benedetto Pistrucci’s iconic Saint George motif, as used on the 1817 coin. While most modern Sovereigns feature only the mounted patron saint, dragon and date to the reverse, the earliest Sovereigns enclosed this design within a stylised garter which reads: 'HONI · SOIT · QUI · MAL · Y · PENSE ·' ('shame on he who thinks evil of it').

This is paired with Jody Clark's portrait of Her Majesty the Queen: the fifth such official effigy used on her coinage. Unlike most Sovereigns the date appears on the obverse not the reverse.

Three Proof Sovereigns

This premium set contains a Double Sovereign, a'full' Sovereign and a Half Sovereign, all dated 2017 and bearing the garter reverse used in this year. Each piece is finished to proof standard with multiple strikes of specially prepared dies. In total the three 22 carat gold coins offer 25.62 grams of fine gold.

Only 499 of these 2017 premium 3-coin sets have been issued by The Royal Mint

Your 2017 Sovereigns come in their original packaging from The Royal Mint. Each coin is sealed within its capsule, inside an attractive presentation case, complete with a detailed information booklet and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Premium Sovereign Set

Sovereigns with alternate reverses are among our most popular products so we're sure this one won’t hang around for long. If this set is out of stock, click 'TRACK PRODUCT' to get our new stock notifications.

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All Sovereigns, including those in this presentation are exempt from Capital Gains Tax as UK legal tender and free from VAT in the UK and EU as investment grade gold.


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