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1999 Elizabeth II Gold Proof Half Sovereign

1999 Gold Proof Half Sovereign Boxed
(VAT Exempt)
Gold proof 1999 Half Sovereign from a limited edition presentation of just 6,147. While these coins take their name from an earlier Tudor denomination, the Half Sovereign as we know it today originated in the early nineteenth century in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars. When they were first issued, Half Sovereigns bore a portrait of King George III and a reverse engraving by an Italian artist named Benedetto Pistrucci. The latter - a depiction of the legend of St George and the dragon - has remained a perennial presence on these coins down the centuries and is used again on this anniversary uncirculated issued. Pistrucci’s design shows England’s patron saint on a rearing horse, slaying the cowering dragon with his sword. The artists initials appear next to the date. For 1999 this historic design is paired with Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Her Majesty the Queen, the fourth such effigy used on her coinage. Like other Half Sovereigns, this one is composed of 3.99 grams of 22 carat gold meaning the coin has an actual gold weight of 3.66 grams or .1177 troy ounces. This example boasts a stunning proof finish, achieved with multiple strikes of hand prepared dies. The coin’s appearance is protected by its original capsule and case from The Royal Mint. Enclosed within the box is a numbered certificate of authenticity.
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22 carat gold proof Half Sovereign dated 1999 from The Royal Mint in original case with certificate of authenticity.

What Are Proof Half Sovereigns?

The Half Sovereign originated in Tudor times as a hammered gold coin, presented to VIPs. Their legend was reborn in the early nineteenth century when the name was revived for a new denomination, first issued in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars and a wholesale overhaul of British coinage.

The Half Sovereigns minted in 1817 established a specification that is closely followed to this day. Each of these 22 carat (916.7) gold coins weighs 3.99 grams meaning they have an actual gold weight of 3.66 grams or .1177 troy ounces. They measure 19.30 millimetres in diameter and feature a milled edge.

Half Sovereigns once circulated across the globe, a symbol of the British Empire, trusted to contain a known quantity of gold. Regular production ended in 1926 with only special coronation issues struck until The Royal Mint began offering a limited number of proof Half Sovereigns again in 1980.

What Do 1999 Proof Half Sovereigns Look Like?

For much of its history the modern Half Sovereign has featured an iconic reverse design, crafted by Italian artist Benedetto Pistrucci. His instantly-recognisable Saint George and the Dragon design shows England's patron saint mounted on a horse, slaying a cowering dragon. It's a powerful image that has become synonymous with the gold Sovereign and Half Sovereign. These coins don't carry their denomination on their face as part of their legend like most currency, so the Saint George motif is an easy identifier for many collectors. The coin's date appears below the dragon, next to the artists initials.

This historic engraving is paired with a modern portrait of Her Majesty the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley. Introduced the previous year, this effigy shows Elizabeth II wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara. The legend reads: 'ELIZABETH · II · DEI · GRA REGINA · FID · DEF'.

Are Proof 1999 Half Sovereigns Valuable?

Proof Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns are sought by collectors, their fine appearance achieved by multiple strikes of hand finished dies. Half Sovereigns are issued in smaller numbers than their bullion counterparts, making them harder to acquire, particularly in good condition.

The Royal Mint issued 6,147 proof Half Sovereigns in 1999.

This gold proof 1999 Half Sovereign is offered in its original leather Royal Mint presentation case with a numbered certificate of authenticity enclosed.

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How To Sell A 1999 Half Sovereign

We buy 1999 proof Half Sovereigns for prices we're sure you'll be happy with. At The Britannia Coin Company we specialise in modern proof coins like Sovereigns and recent releases from The Royal Mint. Visit our Sell Your Coins page to get a free, no obligation quote for your 1999 Half Sovereign today.


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