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2022 Myths And Legends Little John One Ounce Gold Bullion Coin

MLLJ221GC 2022 Myths And Legends Little John 1oz 999.9 Gold Bullion Coin Reverse
(VAT Exempt)
A 24-carat gold bullion coin from The Royal Mint’s Myths and Legends series. This range looks back into the mists of British folklore to the stories of Robin Hood and his merry men. The tale of the legendary outlaw who steals from the rich and gives to the poor has been passed down for centuries in plays and ballads, children’s books and Hollywood films. Robin Hood himself featured on the first coin in the Myths and Legends series, issued in 2021, followed by a Maid Marian coin in the following year. This is the latest release in the collection features Little John: Robin’s second-in-command in Sherwood Forest, his name an ironic reference to his great height. The coin’s reverse - the work of Jody Clark - shows Little John holding a quarterstaff amid the trees. Clark is also the artist behind the royal portrait on the obverse of this piece. Textured microdot backgrounds to both sides act as a security feature. This Myths and Legends coin is composed of 31.21 grams of 999.9 fine gold (one full troy ounce) and has a diameter of 32.69 millimetres. As UK legal tender with a face value of £100 / One Hundred Pounds these Little John coins are CGT-exempt as well as VAT-free as investment gold. We’re offering these uncirculated bullion coins in a protective capsule or sleeve and we’ll ship them free to UK addresses, packaged carefully and discretely.
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Fifth definitive coinage portrait of Her Majesty the Queen by Jody Clark. Textured background. Legend around reads: 'ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 100 POUNDS ·'.


Little John in the forest, holding staff in both hands. Legend reads: 'LITTLE JOHN · 1OZ · FINE GOLD · 999.9 · 2022'. Artist: Jody Clark.


Bullion coin, struck in 31.21 grams of 99.99% gold. Actual gold weight: 1 troy ounce. Diameter: 38.61 millimetres. Face value: £100 / One Hundred Pounds.

Royal Mint Myths And Legends Coins

The Myths & Legends collection is a new range of investment coins from the UK's national mint. The coins in this range come in 999.9 gold and 999 silver and are inspired by British folklore. The collection combines stories passed down through the generations with The Royal Mint's innovative, modern minting techniques to create highly-collectable bullion pieces.

The first group of coins in this new series celebrates Robin Hood and his merry men. The legendary outlaw who takes from the rich and gives to the poor has been the subject of plays, ballads and Hollywood movies, following his exploits in Sherwood Forest. The first Myths and Legends coins were issued in 2021 featuring Robin Hood himself with Little John and Maid Marian coins issued the following year.

Future releases will delve into the stories of King Arthur and Beowulf. 

1oz Gold Little John Uncirculated Coin

This Little John Myths and Legends coin is struck in exactly one ounce of 999.9 (24-carat) gold to The Royal Mint's bullion standard.

As investment gold this coin is free from VAT. As British legal tender currency with a face value of Two Pounds (£100) this coin is exempt from UK Capital Gains Tax. The CGT exemption benefit only apply to official UK coins, unlike bars and other bullion products. 

Royal Mint investment pieces like this Little John coin are renowned for their security. This 2022 collectable includes a special micro-dot texture to fields behind the designs which is exceptionally hard to counterfeit. The presence of this attractive and tactile detail is an assurance that this is a genuine, high-purity British coin from one of the world's most prestigious mints.


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