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Myths And Legends

New investment and proof coin range from The Royal Mint, inspired by British folklore. The Myths and Legends collection includes 999 silver and 24-carat gold coins with designs featuring Robin Hood, Little John, Maid Marian and now King Arthur.

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The latest collection from the UK's national mint looks to British folklore for inspiration, offering a range of bullion and proof coins celebrating some of the best-loved characters from our legendary past. 

Stories of Robin Hood and King Arthur have captivated generations of Brits, drawn to the mysterious world of brave heroes, daring deeds and mighty foes that these tales represent. In the Middle Ages, these mythical figures were the subject of plays and ballads but their popularity has endured, making Sherwood Forest and Arthurian England common settings for hit TV shows and blockbuster movies.

The Myths and Legends series from The Royal Mint represents the first time these cultural icons have been depicted on official UK coinage. The collection combines stunning designs from top artists with world-class security features to create coins sure to appeal to both collectors and investors.

Royal Mint Robin Hood Bullion Coins

The first collection in The Royal Mint's Myths and Legends series centres on the tale of Robin Hood and his merry men. The heroic outlaw has been a fixture of British storytelling for centuries, known for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. Robin is often accompanied by his second-in-command, Little John and his companion, Maid Marian: both legends in their own right. 

Launched in 2021, Robin Hood coins feature designs by renowned coin artist Jody Clark whose portrait of Queen Elizabeth II also features on each obverse. The collection includes:

These Myths and Legends coins are struck in 999 silver and 999.9 (24-carat) gold with a bullion finish, making them a great alternative to similarly sized UK investment coins like the Britannia.

Buy 2023 King Arthur UK Coins

The latest releases in the Myths and Legends collection features King Arthur, the mythical king of Britain. He's shown on new 2023 coins wearing a crown and wielding his sword, Excalibur. Camelot, home to the Knights of the Round Table, can be seen in the background.

The design is the work of illustrator and sculptor David Lawrence, known for his work on the Tudor Beasts series. Lawrence has created a recognisable image of King Arthur, the first in a series that will include coins inspired by Merlin and Morgan le Fay.

The 2023 King Arthur coins are the first in the Myths and Legends series to be available with a fine proof finish. Designed for collectors, proof coins take serious craftsmanship to produce and are only available in limited numbers. As well as the new premium finish, The Royal Mint is also offering these King Arthur coins in BU and a range of different denominations, including:

Bullion 1oz gold and 1oz silver King Arthur coins are also available. These investment pieces are some of the last UK currency to feature an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. By contrast, the proof pieces, issued later, show the first definitive portrait of King Charles III.

Are Myths And Legends Coins A Good Investment?

As UK legal tender the coins in the Myths and Legends range are Capital Gains Tax exempt: a tax benefit that does not apply to other bullion products like bars. 2023 King Arthur gold coins are also VAT free as investment grade Au.

These coins have an intrinsic value as investment pieces but also numismatic appeal thanks to their attractive designs, created by two of the UK's top coin artists. Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Little John and King Arthur coins will certainly make a fun addition to your stack.

We don't yet know how many of these British bullion coins have been minted but several are now sold out on The Royal Mint's own website, meaning the only way to complete your collection is through professional coin retailers like The Britannia Coin Company. The 2023 proof King Arthur pieces have been offered in a limited edition presentation so you will have to act fast to secure these collector's pieces.

We've got a very limited stock remaining so snap up your 1oz Myths And Legends coin without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of The Royal Mint's Robbin Hood range of investment coins are now sold out on their website. These collectable precious metal coins are available now via The Britannia Coin Company.

The Royal Mint's Myth’s and Legends collection features collectable investment coins inspired by British folklore. These bullion coins are official UK legal tender and struck in high-fineness precious metal.

The Royal Mint's Robin Hood coins are struck in exactly one troy ounce of 999 silver or 24-carat (99.99% pure) gold. They make a fun but tax-smart addition to any precious metal portfolio.

2023 King Arthur bullion coins from The Royal Mint are some of the last UK currency to feature an image of Queen Elizabeth II who passed away in September 2022.

A new 2023 collection from The Royal Mint stars the legendary British monarch, King Arthur. These collectable investment coins are UK legal tender and minted in 999 silver and 24-carat gold.

Only King Arthur coins from The Royal Mint's Myths and Legends collection are available with a proof finish. Earlier Robin Hood coins were only available as 1oz bullion pieces.

2023 King Arthur Royal Mint coins are available in both a bullion and a proof finish. The proof coins feature a portrait of King Charles III while the investment coins are some of the last to show Queen Elizabeth II.


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