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2021 Queen's Beasts Completer Two Ounce Silver Bullion Coin

2021 Queen's Beasts Completer 2oz Silver Bullion Reverse

Buy a 2021 Queen's Beasts Completer Two Ounce Silver Bullion Coin

The final release in The Queen's Beasts collection from The Royal Mint in 2 troy ounces of 999.9 fine silver. The reverse of this uncirculated bullion coin shows the ten individual beasts featured in the series so far, arranged around a tiny portrait of Her Majesty the Queen with a large portrait to the obverse. Both designs are the work of Jody Clark and feature the signature chainmail background texture that identifies Queen's Beasts bullion coins. The landmark collection was inspired by a group of heraldic statues that guarded Westminster Abbey during the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953, representing the complex history of the British royal family. The Completer coin capped off a very popular series of releases from The Royal Mint that began in 2016. This investment piece weighs in at 62.21 grams and has a diameter of 38.61 millimetres. The face value is £5 / Five Pounds. As a UK legal tender coin, this Queen's Beasts coin is exempt from Capital Gains Tax, its design making it a fun addition to any silver stack. We'll supply your 2oz bullion coin in a protective sleeve and package it securely for delivery which is free in the UK.
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Silver bullion 2oz Queen's Beasts Completer coin: available now.

2oz Silver Bullion 2021 Queen's Beasts Completer Coin

  • Obverse: Fifth definitive portrait of Her Majesty the Queen wearing the State Diadem on textured background. Legend around reads: 'ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 5 POUNDS ·'. Artist: Jody Clark.
  • Reverse: Ten Queen's Beasts arranged around the surface of the coin with small, right-facing crowned portrait of Elizabeth II in the centre on textured background with ‘2021 · THE QUEEN'S BEASTS · 2OZ · FINE SILVER · 999.9 ·'. Artist: Jody Clark.
  • Specification: Bullion coin, struck in 62.21 grams of 999.9 fine silver (actual silver weight: two troy ounces). Diameter: 38.61 millimetres. Face value: £5 / Five Pounds.
  • Presentation: Uncirculated bullion coin, offered without presentation packaging in a protective sleeve.

The Royal Mint's Queen's Beasts Collection

 New additions to The Queen's Beasts collection have been flying off the shelves since the first of these Royal Mint coins was released in 2016. The eleven-part series combines lifelike animals with graphic heraldic elements across an expansive range of editions, including some of the largest gold coins ever produced in the UK.

The collection was inspired by ten six-foot tall statues, created by sculptor James Woodford for the coronation of Her Majesty the Queen, back in 1953. Taking the form of the real and mythological beasts, used in the coats of arms of her ancestors, Woodford's sculptures celebrated Elizabeth II's noble lineage.

With ten beasts, each available in various sizes and presentations, plus a completer coin to cap off the series, The Queen's Beasts has proved an exciting challenge for coin collectors and fans of British history to complete.

You can read more about the series on our blog: The Queen's Beasts: Landmark Royal Mint Series Now Complete.

What Is The Queen's Beasts Completer Coin?

The eleventh and final release in The Queen's Beasts collection is referred to by The Royal Mint as the ‘Completer Coin'. This piece features all ten beasts featured in the series in all their glory, forming a ceremonial guard around a small portrait of Her Majesty in the centre. It's a remarkable end to a remarkable series, paying tribute to our Queen as she approaches her Platinum Jubilee year.

Both bullion and proof versions of the Completer were issued by The Royal Mint in 2021. We were lucky enough to retail one of four 2kg 24 carat gold Completers: coins with a face value of £2,000. At the same time The Royal Mint struck a single, show-stopping 10kg gold edition which was the heaviest gold coin ever produced in Britain and the subject of plenty of news stories which brought wider public attention to The Queen's Beasts series as it drew to a close.

Who Designed The Queen's Beasts Coins?

The artist behind the ten individual Queen's Beasts coins and the Completer is Jody Clark. He's known for creating the fifth definitive coin portrait of Her Majesty the Queen that has been used on British currency since 2015. This means that Clark's work appears on both sides of all coins in The Queen's Beasts series.

A member of The Royal Mint's in-house design team, Clark discussed the inspiration behind his beasts in an interview:

'I've always been interested in fantastic beasts; you can ask my mum! I think most children love fairy tales and stories about lions, dragons and unicorns; they've got a timeless appeal.' 

Fantastical or not, Clark's creations are relaistic and highly detailed: clearly the result of studying living animals. Their finely wrought fur and scales stand in contrast to the graphic quality of their shields, depicting badges and arms of the Queen's illustrious ancestors. We give Clark 10/10 for translating the proud mien of those brightly coloured statues into designs suitable for collectible coinage.

What Are The 10 Queen's Beasts Coins?

Ten different individual heraldic creatures were featured in The Queen's Beasts series. Bullion coins were issued first and in a slightly different order to the later proof editions. Here's the full list of Royal Mint beasts:

Beast Symbolism
Lion Of England A symbol of courage and strength that became associated with English royalty in the Middle Ages.
Unicorn Of Scotland The natural enemy of the lion, the unicorn joined its old rival on the arms of the United Kingdom in 1707.
Red Dragon Of Wales Also known as the Y Draig Gogh, the red dragon has been associated with Wales since the 6th century.
Black Bull Of Clarence  A raging beast used by the Kings of the House of York during the Wars of the Roses.  
Falcon Of The Plantagenets Hunting with birds of prey was an elite sport in medieval times with the falcon suggesting nobility and prowess.
Yale Of Beaufort The Tudors used the mythical yale in their heraldry to proclaim their royal descent through the House of Beaufort.
White Lion Of Mortimer This lion is uncrowned, its tail tucked away - it's a symbol of loyalty, closely associated with Edward IV.
White Horse Of Hanover The Sachsenross was coopted into the British heraldic stable by George I, our first Hanoverian monarch.
White Greyhound Of Richmond Associated with the Earl of Richmond - Henry VII's father - the greyhound symbolises faithfulness and vigour.
Griffin Of Edward III Part lion, part eagle, the  griffin was said to guard treasure, making it a fitting subject for a coin. 

Some of the beasts are real while others are drawn from legend. Each holds a shield of arms in its claws or paws, providing a further insight into the complex history of the British royal line.

Is The Queen's Beasts Completer A Good Investment?

The Queen's Beasts Completer is available in a range of metals, finishes and sizes, in line with the previous releases in this collection from The Royal Mint. Unlike the rest of the series, the proof editions were released first and included two large, special editions: a single 10kg gold coin and four 2kg pieces.

While many collectors will view the Completer as the final piece in a complete Queen's Beasts collection, the design stands alone, it's rich detail - appealing on both large and small issues - leading several commentators to identify it as their favourite Royal Mint release of 2021.

We're offering an extensive range of Queen's Beasts Completer coins in very limited numbers, including:

How To Sell A Queen's Beasts Completer Coin

Want to sell your 2oz silver bullion completer coin? We buy these Queen's Beasts coins for marketing leading prices. Looking for a quick quote for your uncirculated coin? Visit our Sell Your Coins page and submit your details or contact us for more information.


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