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Half Ounce 22 Carat Gold Mixed-Date Britannia Bullion Coins (Best Value)

Half Ounce 22 Carat Gold Mixed-Date Britannia Bullion Coins (Best Value) Reverse

Buy a Half Ounce 22 Carat Gold Mixed-Date Britannia Bullion Coins (Best Value)

(VAT Exempt)
1/2oz gold bullion mixed-year Britannias in 22 carat gold. These Royal Mint bullion coins were first struck in 1987 and have always born an image of Britannia: the female personification of the British Isles on their reverse. She’s most commonly seen standing, holding a shield and trident in a classic design by Philip Nathan, the composition of the coin around her: ‘1/2 · OUNCE · FINE · GOLD · BRITANNIA’ with the date at the bottom right. This is paired with portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to the obverse alongside the face value: £50 / Fifty Pound for half ounce editions. Gold Britannias minted until 2012 were composed of 22 carat gold. This was increased in 2013 to 24 carat (0.9999 fine) gold. Pre-2013 Britannias contain the same amount of pure gold as their later counterparts but weigh a little more overall. The diameter is the same: 27.00 millimetres for these fractional bullion coins. We’ll select your 1/2oz gold Britannia from our current stock of these coins: all authenticated and carefully weighed by our dedicated staff. You may receive any date from 1987 to 2012 but all contain 15.552 grams of pure gold (0.5 troy ounces). All are Capital Gains Tax exempt as UK legal tender and VAT free as investment grade gold.
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Gold bullion 1/2oz Britannias (pre-2013) in our choice of year.

Britannia Bullion Coins

Britannia - the female personification of the United Kingdom - first appeared on British coins back in Roman times and now rules over her own extensive coinage range. Britannias were introduced by The Royal Mint in 1987 and have now been a staple of the global bullion market for decades now. Their reverse design has changed over the years but always features this proud British icon.

Britannias are today available in gold, silver and platinum as well as a variety of sizes though the specifications have changed slightly over the years. Gold Britannias minted between 1987 and 2012 were composed of 22 carat gold but this was increased to 24 carat from 2013. Both old and new contain the same amount of fine gold but the older have a slightly higher total weight.

Half Ounce Britannia

1/2oz Gold Britannias have been offered by the Royal Mint since the range launched. For most of the years since they have featured a classic design by Philip Nathan, referred to as the 'standing Britannia'. Nathan's design shows a helmeted female figure, holding a trident and shield, her dress whipped by a strong wind. The composition appears around the figure: ‘1/2 · OUNCE · FINE · GOLD · BRITANNIA' followed by the date. The designs do vary in some years but this is the most common.

Invariably, the image of Britannia is paired with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The obverse flags the face value of these bullion coins, reading: 'ELIZABETH · II · D · G REG · FID · DEF' with '· 50 POUNDS ·' below.

Struck In 22 Carat Gold

These quarter ounce bullion coins are composed of 22 carat (.916) fine gold and have a pure gold content of 15.552 grams or 0.5 troy ounces. They measure 27.00 millimetres in diameter.

You'll receive our choice of year, depending on our available stock. Each coin is carefully authenticated by our expert team to ensure it contains the correct amount of gold. They are supplied in a plastic slip or capsule without any additional official Royal Mint packaging.

As UK legal tender these coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax and, as investment gold, they're also free from VAT. They’re a great addition to your stack if you're looking for affordable fractional issues with a classic design.

If you're looking into UK gold coins you might also consider our mixed-year full Britannias in 22 carat and 24 carat gold (they contain twice the amount of gold as a 1/2oz Britannia). Alternatively: have a look at our best value range for more low margin gold.


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