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Half Ounce Gold Britannia 22 Carat : Pre 2013 (Best Value)

Half Ounce Gold Britannia 22 Carat : Pre 2013 (Best Value)
(VAT Exempt)
Our 'best value' pre-owned half ounce Britannia gold coins. Selected by us from available stock, these bullion coins may be subject to knocks or scratches. Their specification will however be unaffected and your coin will still contain 15.55g of fine gold. British Britannias are exempt from Capital Gains Tax and VAT. Our price includes UK insured shipping.
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Pre-owned, pre-2013 half-ounce 22ct gold Britannias.

Britannia is the latin name of Britain. During the Roman Empire, female figures were assigned in provinces to establish order and create unity. Britannia came to be personified as a goddess depicted with; a shield, trident and centurion helmet. Britannia first appeared on the coins of Emperor Hadrian over 2,000 years ago. She was first brought back into coinage in 1672 and appeared on all UK coins until 2008. Today, Britannia is only struck on bullion or special edition coins. Over time, Britannia has become a mark of the quality of British minting. She is also a source of national pride and a rallying-point in a crisis. 


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