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1898 South African Republic Paul Kruger One Pond Gold Coin

1898 South Africa Gold 1 Pond Obverse

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South African 1898 1 Pond 22 carat gold coin, one of 136,870 minted in this year. Ponds originated in the South African Republic, an independent state that existed in what is now South Africa, from 1852 to 1902. South African Ponds were introduced in 1892 by the ZAR’s fifth president, Paul Kruger, taking advantage of he enormous influx of precious metals flooding into the Republic in the wake of the Witwatersrand Gold Rush. Kruger’s Ponds had a face value of 20 Shillings and were produced at a new national mint in Pretoria through the 1890s; a decade in which South Africa became a world leader in gold production and the Republic’s economy boomed. These coins were designed to the same specification as British Sovereigns: they were stuck in 7.98 grams of 22 carat gold with a diameter of 22.05 millimetres. The obverse features a portrait of Paul Kruger by Otto Schultz, later seen on Krugerrands. The reverse shows the Transvaal coat of arms, the official heraldic symbol of the South African Republic, also referred to as the Transvaal Republic. Scrolls below the arms show the Republic’s motto ‘EENDRACHT MAAKT MAGT’ (translation: ‘Unity Makes Strength’), while the denomination and year of issue appear above the central device. Weight: 7.98 grams. Diameter: 22.05 millimetres. Composition: 916.7 gold. Grade: GF - Slightly uneven edge in two places, good bold details.
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Otto Schultz' portrait of President Paul Kruger, facing left. Legend around reads: 'ZUID AFRIKAANSCHE REPUBLIEK'.


Arms of the South African Republic with '1 POND · 1898 ·' above and the words 'EENDRAGT MAAKT MAGT' on a scroll below. Engraver: Otto Schultz.


Composition: 22 carat (916.7) gold. Weight: 7.98 grams. Actual gold weight: 7.31 grams. Diameter: 22.05 millimetres. Mintage: 136,870.


GF - Slightly uneven edge in two places, good bold details.

What are gold South African Pond coins?

1 Pond gold coins were issued by the South African Republic (also known as the Transvaal Republic) from 1892 until 1902. Currency in the Republic at the time was based on the Pound sterling but since these coins were inscribed in Afrikaans they read 'pond' rather than 'pound'. Gold Ponds - modelled closely on the specifications of the British 'full' Sovereign - bore a famous portrait of President Paul Kruger to the obverse and the arms of ZAR to the reverse.

Who was engraver Otto Schultz?

Otto Schultz was born in Berlin in 1848 and trained as an engraver and medallist in that city. He spent the late 1870s in London, working under William Wyon with who he collaborated on the Great Seal of Queen Victoria. Schultz is best known for his portrait of Boer statesman, Paul Kruger, who served as the fifth president of the South African Republic. This portrait was used on contemporary Transvaal coinage and was revived for the Krugerrand, an influential South African bullion coin, first issued in 1967.


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