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2020 Gold Proof Six Coin Britannia Set

BR20GSET 2020 Gold Proof Six Coin Britannia Set Boxed
(VAT Exempt)
The collectable 2020 gold proof Britannia collection available at a great price. Although mostly sold as a bullion coin to precious metal investors, the ever-popular Britannia is available in proof editions for coin collectors. A recent trend is that every year the reverse design for the proof coin differs from the bullion edition, enhancing the proof Britannia's collectability. The 2020 edition is the work of Welsh artist James Tottle. His Britannia stands proud on a rocky promontory amid dancing waves with lion shield and trident in hand. The background is a rippling Union Jack. This is a great British design and an attractive addition to the growing collection of Britannia engravings commissioned by The Royal Mint. On the obverse, the fifth definitive portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is visible, which was designed by Jody Clark. Six gold proof coins make up this set: a 1oz, a 1/2oz, a 1/4oz, a 1/10oz, a 1/20oz and a 1/40oz, giving a combined fine gold weight of 1.925 troy ounces. In contrast to earlier editions of the Britannia, these coins are struck using 0.9999 fine gold (24 carat). During the production process, the Britannias are struck several times using hand-polished dies, giving the coins an appealing contrast between the frosted devices and mirrored surfaces. Included with the varnished wooden presentation box are protective coin capsules and a numbered certificate of authenticity. This pre-owned proof Britannia set is from a limited edition presentation of just 150 sets. Exempt for Capital Gains Tax and VAT for UK residents, with the added bonus of complimentary UK delivery with The Britannia Coin Company.
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Coins in 2020 Gold 6-Coin Britannia Set

  • 2020 Britannia 1oz Gold Proof
  • 2020 Britannia 1/2oz Gold Proof
  • 2020 Britannia 1/4oz Gold Proof
  • 2020 Britannia 1/10oz Gold Proof
  • 2020 Britannia 1/20oz Gold Proof
  • 2020 Britannia 1/40oz Gold Proof


Engraving of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark. Fifth UK coinage portrait of the Queen.


James Tottle's design of Britannia, showing her standing with lion shield and trident against a Union Flag background.


Six 24-carat gold UK coins finished to The Royal Mint's proof standard. Total weight: 59.88 grams. Fine gold weight: 1.925 troy ounces (59.87 grams).


Original wooden box with certificate of authenticity from The Royal Mint. Only 150 sets authorised in this limited edition presentation. Pre-owned.

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The gold Britannia range was officially released by The Royal Mint in 1987, with the silver edition following in 1997 and the first platinum version appearing in 2007. Although primarily a vehicle for gold bullion investment, the gold Britannia has also been struck to proof standard for the collector's market. Every year, the Britannia is released in proof sets, with the composition and style of the coins varying from year to year. Initially, they were struck using 22 carat (0.9167 fine) gold, but switched over to 0.9999 fine (24 carat) in 2013. From 1987 to 1989, the coins were alloyed with copper, giving them an attractive rose gold hue, and between 1990 and 2012 they were alloyed with silver, giving a brilliant yellow gold appearance. Some of these older sets have low mintages and can be purchased at competitive prices compared to more recent issues. Nowadays, the trend from the Mint is to keep the design on the bullion coins constant, with the proof editions featuring a unique reverse every year, enhancing the appeal the proof coins have to collectors.


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