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2022 Winnie The Pooh Eeyore Coloured Fifty Pence Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder


Buy a 2022 Winnie The Pooh Eeyore Coloured Fifty Pence Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

This pre-owned brilliant uncirculated Eeyore Fifty Pence coloured coin forms part of the Royal Mint's popular Winne-the-Pooh & Friends series, which is a collection of nine different 50p coins released between 2020 and 2022. Winne-the-Pooh's pessimistic friend Eeyore first appeared in A.A Milne's famous novel in 1926, and he always needs to be cheered up by Pooh. Despite living in the Gloomy Place in Hundred Acre Wood, Eeyore has a compassionate and kind nature which occasionally shines through his self-deprecation. The character, which is based on one of the stuffed animals owned by Milne's son, is shown on the coloured reverse design inspired by E.H. Shepard's original illustrations. It's officially approved by the Walt Disney Company and has been masterfully recrafted for UK coinage. Eeyore is shown looking back on his detachable tail, with a bee buzzing underneath the text. This design is paired with Jody Clark's coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that appears on the obverse. Specifications of this collectable 50p are a weight of 8.00 grams, a cupronickel alloy and a diameter of 27.30 millimetres. It comes in an attractive limited edition slipcase and is struck in a brilliant uncirculated finish, for a superior appearance compared to the coins in your change. A limited edition coin folder is issued as standard, which is the original packaging from the Royal Mint and has an issue limit of 12,500.
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Jody Clark's effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, facing to the right. Lettering: 'ELIZABETH · II · D · G REG · F · D · 50 PENCE · 2021'.


Original illustration of Eeyore by E.H. Shepard, adapted for UK coinage by the Royal Mint design team. Buzzing bee seen underneath the text 'EEYORE'.


Weight of 8.00 grams and diameter of 27.30 millimetres. Curponickel alloy. Face value: 50p / Fifty Pence. Finish: brilliant uncirculated.


Pre-owned. Offered in original packaging from The Royal Mint, which features interesting information about Eeyore and Winne-the-Pooh. Limited edition of 12,500.


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