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2020 Dinosauria Iguanodon Fifty Pence Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

UK20IGBU 2020 Dinosauria Iguanodon Fifty Pence Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

Buy a 2020 Dinosauria Iguanodon Fifty Pence Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

The Royal Mint joined forces with the Natural History Museum in 2020 to released a set of three Fifty Pence coins to chart the history of dinosaur discoveries and advances in palaeontology. This exciting 50 Pence coin series was dubbed the 'Dinosauria Collection'. This non-coloured 50p edition shows the iguanodon, which was originally called the iguana-saurus. The iguanodon was a large, herbivorous dinosaur which was able to walk on its two hind legs or all four of its limbs. It was named by the famous geologist Gideon Mantell in 1825, whose work in early palaeontology meant he became an authority on prehistoric reptiles. On the obverse side of this UK 50p is Jody Clark's engraving of Queen Elizabeth II, which is the fifth official portrait used on circulating UK coinage. On the 'tails' side, the palaeo-artist Robert Nicholls creates an impression of what the creature would have looked like millions of years ago when it roamed the earth. In front of the image is an example of one of its teeth as well as the legend 'IGUANODON' and 'MANTELL 1825'. Each coin is struck twice during production to give a brilliant uncirculated finish, which is a superior standard to the coins found in normal circulating change. Specifications are a weight of 8.00 grams and a diameter of 27.30 millimetres. Included is a coin slipcase, full of information about Gideon Mantell and the iguanodon dinosaur.
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Jody Clark's effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Text reads: 'ELIZABETH · II · D · G · REG · F · D · 50 PENCE · 2020'.


Robert Nicholls' designed of the Iguanodon dinosaur. Text reads: 'IGUANODON' and 'MANTELL 1825'.


Finish: brilliant uncirculated. Weight: 8.00 grams. Diameter: 27.30 millimetres. Face Value: 50p / Fifty Pence. Alloy: cupro-nickel.


Offered in Dinosauria themed coin sleeve, which is the original Royal Mint packaging. Limited edition presentation.


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