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2019 Captain Cook 1769 Two Pound Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

UK19CCBU 2019 Captain Cook 1769 Two Pound Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

Buy a 2019 Captain Cook 1769 Two Pound Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

The second coin in The Royal Mint's Voyage of Discovery collection. This brilliant uncirculated 2019 Two Pound coin celebrates 250 years since Captain James Cook arrived on the island of Tahiti to observe the transit of Venus. Captain Cook is one of Britain's most famous naval explorers, widely known for his expeditions in the Pacific Ocean and for discovering New Zealand and Australia in particular. His task was to track the transit of Venus as it was believed this observation could be used to calculate the Solar System's size, which theoretically could be used to aid nautical navigation on Earth. It was an incredibly important task, which occurs twice at eight-year intervals following a 120 year gap. Once Cook completed his work on Tahiti, he opened a command sealed in a letter for his next task. The reverse of this collectable £2, by Gary Breeze, shows the symbol of Venus set on top of the sun, above the sails of a ship and a cartographic background. This is paired with Jody Clark's engraving of Elizabeth II, the fifth and final British coin portrait of Her Majesty. On the edge the inscription reads 'OCEANI INVESTIGATOR ACERRIMVS', which roughly translates as 'intrepid investigator of the seas'. Each of these collectable pre-owned coins weighs 12.00 grams, measures 28.40 millimetres in diameter. They are primarily composed of a cupro-nickel with a nickel-brass outer ring. It's struck twice to give it a BU finish, far sharper than ordinary circulation coins. As standard, your collectable £2 coin is offered in the original Royal Mint slipcase which includes spaces to insert other coins in the Captain Cook collection.
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Jody Clark's fifth and final defintive coin portrait of The Queen. Inscription reads: 'ELIZABETH · II · D · G · REG · F · D · 2 POUNDS ·'.


Graphical symbol for Venus over a stylised sun. Legend around reads '1769-2019 CAPTAIN JAMES COOK'. Designed by Gary Breeze.


Latin inscription reads: 'OCEANI INVESTIGATOR ACERRIMVS'.


Face value: £2 / Two Pounds. Cupro-nickel / nickel-brass alloy. Weight: 12.00 grams. Diameter: 28.40 millimetres. BU finish.


Offered in limited edition Royal Mint coin folder with gaps to insert other coins in the three-part collection. Pre-owned UK collectable.


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