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2018 Frankenstein Two Pound Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

UK18FRBU 2018 Frankenstein Two Pound Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

Buy a 2018 Frankenstein Two Pound Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

In 2018, Shelly Belley's iconic creation, Frankenstein, celebrated its 200th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Royal Mint released a special range of commemorative Two Pound coins, with this edition being the brilliant uncirculated piece. The full name of Shelley's book is 'Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus' and it's regarded as one of the greatest Romantic and Gothic novels. Frankenstein proved to be the inspiration for the science fiction and horror genres, and has had a massive influence on literature, popular culture and the film industry. Despite conventional wisdom, Frankenstein does not refer to the monster in Shelley's story, but to Victor Frankenstein, the creature's creator. On the reverse of this UK coin, an electrical pulse is depicted, as one would find on a cardiac monitor. It symbolises Frankenstein's creation coming alive and it was designed by Thomas Docherty. You'll see an inscription on the edge reading 'A SPARK OF BEING'. On the obverse is Queen Elizabeth II as designed by Jody Clark. This is the fifth definitive portrait of the monarch. This pre-owned collectable UK coin weighs 12.00 grams and has a diameter of 28.40 millimetres. It's issued in the original limited edition packaging from the Royal Mint, which features a stylish black and green Frankenstein theme.
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Queen Elizabeth II, facing to the right. Fifth British coin portrait of the Queen, designed by Jody Clark. Lettering reads: 'ELIZABETH · II · D · G · REG · F · D · 2 POUNDS ·'.


Thomas Docherty's electric pulse, symbolising Frankenstein's monster coming to life. The pulse reads 'FRANKENSTEIN'.


The lettering on the coin's edge reads: 'A SPARK OF BEING'.


Weight: 12.00 grams. Diameter: 28.40 millimetres. Alloy: cupronickel / nickel brass. Face value: £2 / Two Pounds. Finish: brilliant uncirculated.


Pre-owned coin comes in attractive black and green coin sleeve, which is the original limited edition packaging from The Royal Mint.


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