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2016 Battle Of Hastings 1066 Fifty Pence Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

UK16BHBU 2016 Battle Of Hastings 1066 Fifty Pence Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

Buy a 2016 Battle Of Hastings 1066 Fifty Pence Brilliant Uncirculated Coin In Folder

Collectable Royal Mint Fifty Pence in brilliant uncirculated condition, celebrating the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. 1066 was a pivotal year in the history of England and the wider British Isles. The battle, which was won by William the Conqueror, represents the last time England was successfully invaded. The struggle over the English throne arose on the death of Edward the Confessor, who left no heir. Three men claimed to be his rightful successor: Harold Godwinson of England, Harald Hardrada of Norway and William, Duke of Normandy. Harald Hardrada was defeated and killed by Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, leaving the Anglo-Saxon king and Norman pretender to fight for the crown. The two armies met outside Hastings on the 14th October, 1066, with the end result being the decisive defeat of the Anglo-Saxon army and the death of Harold Godwinson, allegedly through an arrow to the eye. The events leading up to the battle and the battle itself are depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry, which forms the inspiration for the reverse of this BU 50p coin. Veteran coin artist John Bergdahl showed the last Anglo-Saxon king with an arrow in his eye, paying tribute to the only surviving contemporary record of the battle. On the obverse, Jody Clark's engraving of Queen Elizabeth II can be seen. Specifications of this pre-owned coin are a weight of 8.00 grams and a diameter of 27.30 millimetres. Included as standard is the original coin slipcase from The Royal Mint, full of information about the Battle of Hastings.
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Fifth definitive UK coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark. Legend: 'ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 50 PENCE · 2022 ·'.


The last Anglo-Saxon King of England, Harold Godwinson, which an arrow in his eye. Imagined by John Bergdahl, who used the Bayeux Tapestry as inspiration. Legend: 'BATTLE OF HASTINGS 1066 2016'.


Weight: 8.00 grams. Diameter: 27.30 millimetres. Face Value: 50p / Fifty Pence. Finish: brilliant uncirculated.


Pre-owned UK coin. Limited edition packaging. Issued in original Royal Mint coin sleeve with illustrations and text about the Battle of Hastings.


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