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Tenth Ounce Gold Royal Arms : Pre Owned (Best Value)

Tenth Ounce Gold Royal Arms : Pre Owned (Best Value) Reverse

Buy a Tenth Ounce Gold Royal Arms : Pre Owned (Best Value)

(VAT Exempt)
1/10oz British bullion coin from The Royal Mint. These Royal Arms coins are a new addition to the Mint’s range. Like the Britannia, these investment pieces feature a classic and instantly recognisable symbol of British identity. The royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom features a shield of arms, surrounded by a garter and two heraldic supporters: a lion for England and a unicorn for Scotland. A motto appears below: ‘DIEU ET MON DROIT’ - ‘God and my right’ - which, like the other elements of the royal arms, has a history stretching back hundreds of years. This complicated ‘heraldic achievement’ is used by the monarch and also appears on government buildings, churches and products that hold a royal warrant. The royal arms have also appeared on several British coins down the years but the design featured here is really special, adding national flowers and a large Imperial State Crown. This reverse is the work of heraldic artist Timothy Noad and has been used on the Royal Arms range since they were introduced in 2019. Below Noad’s design is the legend ‘1/10OZ FINE GOLD 999.9’. These tenth ounce coins weigh 3.126 grams and contain exactly 0.1 troy ounce of pure gold. They have a face value of £10 / Ten Pounds and feature Jody Clark’s portrait of Elizabeth II to the obverse. You’ll receive our choice of year, based on our current stock of carefully authenticated 1/10oz gold Royal Arms coins.
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Gold 1/10oz mixed-year Royal Arms bullion coins from The Royal Mint.

The Royal Arms

You'll see the coat of arms of the United Kingdom on everything from government buildings to jubilee souvenirs: it’s instantly recognisable.

An enduring symbol, not only of royalty but of Britain itself, the royal arms feature a central shield surrounded by a garter, guarded by a pair of heraldic supporters: a lion for England and a unicorn for Scotland. Below, a scroll reads 'DIEU ET MON DROIT' - 'God and my right' - the royal motto.

The arms have featured on numerous coins down the years but its a fresh interpretation that appears on a new range of bullion coins from The Royal Mint.

A New Bullion Coin

Introduced in 2019, The Royal Arms range is a brand new bullion collection, celebrating this most enduring of British symbols. Like the Royal Mint's popular Britannias this range puts a new spin on an age old idea.

Since the first issue, Royal Arms coins have featured a reverse design by heraldic artist Timothy Noad which adds national flowers and a large crown to the classic heraldic achievement. The date appears above the crown and the composition below. In this case: '1/10OX FINE GOLD 999.9'.

The reverse of these coins feature Jody Clark's fifth definitive effigy of Her Majesty the Queen with an attractive textured background. In the case of the tenth ounce gold edition the legend reads: 'ELIZABETH II · D · G · REG · F · D · 10 POUNDS ·'.

1/10 Ounce Gold Coin

These tenth ounce coins are composed of 999.9 fine gold and have a pure gold content of 3.11 grams or 0.1 troy ounces. They measure 16.00 millimetres in diameter.

You'll receive our choice of year, depending on our available stock. Each coin is carefully authenticated by our expert team to ensure it contains the correct amount of gold. These bullion coins are supplied in a plastic slip or capsule without any official Royal Mint packaging or certificates.

As UK legal tender these coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax and, as investment gold, they're also free from VAT. They’re a great addition to your stack if you're looking for affordable fractional issues with interesting designs.

If you're looking into UK gold coins you might also consider our mixed-year bullion Half Sovereigns (they've got a comparable gold content) or have a look at our best value range for more low margin gold.


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