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Bulk 1916 1917 1918 King George V .925 Sterling Silver Threepence Coins (Best Value)

1916 1917 1918 George V Silver Threepences (Best Value) Group

Buy a Bulk 1916 1917 1918 King George V .925 Sterling Silver Threepence Coins (Best Value)

Bulk high-grade silver George the Fifth Threepences: our choice of date, buy more pay less. These coins come from a collection of silver coins, found in a jam jar in an Edwardian bureau. We have a good number in stock and they are all uncirculated or near so. The modern hoard contains Threepence pieces dated 1916, 1917 and 1918: you’ll receive our choice of years. Each is composed of .925 sterling silver and has a weight of 1.415 grams and a diameter of 16.20 millimetres. Threepence coins from these years show the right-facing portrait of George V by Edgar Bertram Mackennal to the obverse with the legend proclaiming George king of the United Kingdom and British Dominions as well as Emperor of India (titles he held from 1910 until his death in 1936). The reverse features a large number three with the date either side, surmounted by a crown. The motif is surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves, tied with a ribbon. The same designs were used for contemporary Maundy Threepences. We’re offering these silver coins as part of our best value range. Our best value coins are carefully authenticated by our expert team and these ones are guaranteed to be in near uncirculated condition or better. Our pricing structure means that the more you buy, the less you pay so now’s a good opportunity to stock up.
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Silver George V Threepences in our choice of date from a modern hoard: buy more pay less.

The History Of The Silver Threepence

The first Threepences were minted in the name of Tudor king, Edward VI but the denomination was issued intermittently until the reign of Charles I. These early Threepences were hammered by hand but later coins, minted by the Stuarts and the Georgians, would be machine made.

In the 1800s the Threepence was issued in both Maundy money sets and as a regular circulating coin.

Through Queen Victoria's rule and into the early twentieth century the Threepence was composed of .925 sterling silver. This changed in 1920 with the Threepence pieces minted afterwards containing just 50% pure silver. The precious metal content was removed entirely from circulating coinage in 1947.

Uncirculated Silver Threepence Coins

These Threepence coins were found in an Edwardian bureau, sealed in a jam jar. We wouldn't recommend this as a storage method but it has kept these coins in pristine condition, meaning they may have been there since the late 1910s.

Our numismatics team have carefully examined these Threepences and has found them to be in uncirculated condition or nearly so.

They all date from either 1916, 1917 or 1918. This means they all show a right-facing portrait of George V to the obverse and a crowned '3' to the reverse with the date either side, surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves.

Buy Best Value UK Silver Coins

These uncirculated silver Threepences are part of our best value range. From historic coins to modern bullion issues, our best value range offers economical collecting and investment opportunities.

With these silver coins, the more you order, the better the price. Buy one and the price is £25, buy twenty and you’ll pay just £18 for each George V coin.

Like all the coins we offer, your silver Threepences will be discretely and securely packed for delivery which you can track every step of the way.


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