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2023 Britannia One Ounce Silver Bullion Coin King Charles III

UKBSB231CKC 2023 Britannia One Ounce Silver Bullion Coin King Charles III Pile

Buy a 2023 Britannia One Ounce Silver Bullion Coin King Charles III

£27.48 (excl. VAT)
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Available now! 2023 silver 1oz Britannia, featuring the new coin portrait of Charles III: the first investment coins to feature His Majesty the King. This bullion coin makes a great pair with the other 2023-dated Britannias featuring Queen Elizabeth II. The new royal coin portrait is the work of British sculptor Martin Jennings and is paired with Philip Nathan’s classic ‘standing Britannia’, a design used on this Royal Mint range since it was launched in 1987. Since then, the UK’s national mint has innovated a range of special security features, designed to keep these coins secure. Look closely and you’ll notice a wave design behind Britannia’s flowing robes and tincture lines on her shield. Mircotext rings the design and a clever latent image alternately displays a padlock or a trident, depending on the angle the coin is viewed at. These premium 999 silver coins are a bold combination of modern minting technology and a proud British tradition. Britannia has been a feature on our money since Roman times and she stands strong here, defending our shores. This 1oz coin has an actual silver content of 31.10 grams and comes in protective packaging. An important release for any Britannia collector.


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Martin Jennings' portrait of King Charles III, facing left, facing right. Legend around reads: 'CHARLES III · D · G · REX · F · D · 2 POUNDS ·'.


Standing Britannia design by Philip Nathan: female figure wearing a helmet and flowing robes, holding a trident, shield and olive branch. Latent image to the bottom left and microtext around. Wave background. The legend reads: 'BRITANNIA · 2023 · 1oz · 999 · FINE · SILVER'.


UK bullion coins from The Royal Mint, struck in 31.21 grams of 999 silver. Diameter: 38.61 millimetres. Face value: £2 / Two Pounds.

What Are Royal Mint Britannias?

The personification of the United Kingdom, Britannia, first appeared on Roman coins, struck during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. Her image was revived for the coinage of Charles II. Since then, she's been a feature on the coins of every British monarch, a powerful symbol of national identity. You may recognise her from the tails side of old 50ps and new £2s.

Read more: Britannia On British Coins.

Taking the form of a warlike goddess, Britannia has ruled over her own range of Royal Mint bullion coins since 1987. Initially, Britannias were only available in gold, but silver editions, fractional coins and even platinum examples have also been added to the roster over the years. Usually, Britannias are issued only once a year with limited proof editions and special designs available for collectors as well as a wide range of bullion coins.

This year is unusual in that two separate 2023-dated Britannia ranges have been issued, marking the passing of Her Majesty the Queen and the accession of her son, King Charles.

New King Charles III Coin Portrait

These 2023 Britannias are the first to feature an image of King Charles III. Since they were first issued these coins have only shown Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse so this issue is truly special.

The new royal portrait was designed by British sculptor Martin Jennings. His bust of King Charles looks left, following a long-held tradition of UK coinage where monarchs face the opposite direction to their predecessor. This is the definitive portrait of Charles that we'll soon start seeing on our change but it looks great on these bullion coins against a textured background. 

Phillip Nathan's Standing Britannia

The reverse of these 2023 Royal Mint coins shows Philip Nathan's classic 'standing Britannia' design, created when the range was introduced. The sculptor has designed several alternate reverses for the Britannia series as working on other UK Royal Mint coins and a range of medals.

Nathan's iconic Britannia faces into a sea wind that blows back her flowing robes. She's wearing a helmet and holding a trident and shield, a nod to her symbolic role in defending Britain's shores. The sprig of olive leaves she grasps in her left hand balances action with peace. It's an instantly recognisable design that's become synonymous with these coins.

Innovative Britannia Security Features

There are four innovative features on the reverse of 2023 Charles III Britannias, designed to make them difficult to counterfeit.

  • Surface Animation: Wave textured background brings the image to life
  • Microtext Detail: Tiny lettering around the design reads ''DECUS ET TUTAMEN'
  • Tincture Lines: Spy these on Britannia's Union flag shield
  • Latent Image: Displays a padlock or a trident, depending on how the coin is viewed

These modern, cutting-edge additions are both protective and decorative, contrasting appealingly with the historic subject who lends her name to this range.

Are Britannias A Good Investment?

These 2023 Britannias are designed for investors and are highly tax efficient. They're Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt as UK legal tender, meaning you don't pay on profits accrued when it comes time to sell. Gold Britannias are also VAT exempt for UK and EU buyers.

Modern Britannia's are made from the finest precious metals with the current specifications requiring 24-carat (99.99%) gold and 999 (99.9%) silver. Britannias struck before 2013 were made from a slightly different alloy but still contained the same amount of pure gold and silver.

Britannias have been on the market for decades and they've developed a global reputation as a trusted bullion coin, backed up by the prestige of their manufacturer: the UK's Royal Mint who have been striking coins for more than a millennia. Coin and precious metal buyers will recognise Britannias, making your sale simple when it's time to divest.

The 2023 Charles III Britannia Range

We've got limited stock of a range of 2023 King Charles Britannias, including:


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