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The Maria Theresa Thaler Silver Coin

The Maria Theresa Thaler Silver Coin
The Maria Theresa Thaler is an Austrian bullion silver coin, which has been minted continuously since 1741. All Thalers minted after 1780 carry the date '1780', so many people mistakenly think their coin is older than it actually is! You will be supplied your chosen quantity from available stock. Please do note that some coins may be toned through age.
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Many hundreds of millions of Thalers have been minted since it was introduced and is still being produced by the Austrian mint today.

The Thaler is named after the Empress Maria Theresa. She was born in 1717 and died in 1780. Maria Theresa was ruler of Austria, Hungary and Bohemia between 1740 and 1780.

Thalers weigh just under 28.1g and contain just under 23.4g of fine silver (0.752 troy ounces). They have a silver purity of 83.3% and are alloyed with copper.

Thalers became the official trading coin throughout most German speaking countries. During the Second World War, it became the only currency in some countries.

Although an Austrian coin, the Thaler has been minted in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and France. After 1962 production stopped in these locations and is now exclusively minted in Austria.


The obverse shows Marie Theresa with the inscription “M. THERESIA D. G. R. IMP. HU. BO. REG.” which means Maria Theresia Die Gratia (by the grace of God), Romanorum Imperatrix (Empress of the Romans),  Hungariae Bohemiaeque Regina (Queen of Hungary and Bohemia).


The reverse continues the grand title of Maria Theresa: Archid Aust (Archduchess of Austria), Dux Burgundiae (Duchess of Burgundy), Comes Tyrolis (Countess of Tyrol).

The ‘X’ was added in 1750 and is know as a saltire (the Saint Andrew’s Cross, a heraldic symbol) which indicated the debased standard of the thaler (it changed from 9 to 10 thalers to the Vienna Mark).


The edge is engraved with the the motto of her reign “Justitia et Clementia” which means “Justice and Clemency”.


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