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Bulk 1kg Mixed Date Unsorted 1920-1945 50% Silver Bullion Threepence Coins Kiloware (Best Value)

Bulk Mixed Date Unsorted 1920-1945 50% Silver Bullion Threepence Coins Kiloware (Best Value)

Buy a Bulk 1kg Mixed Date Unsorted 1920-1945 50% Silver Bullion Threepence Coins Kiloware (Best Value)

High-quality 1920-1945 British .500 silver Threepence coins, available now in bulk. These coins are pre-sorted by our expert team who guarantee you’ll receive genuine silver 3d coins in good circulated condition, ready for sorting, stacking and other uses. Threepences are an old UK coin, also called a ‘thruppence’ or a ‘thruppenny bit’. From the year 1920, The Royal Mint made some Threepences out of 50% silver and 50% other metals. That means that a kilo of these old coins contains 500 grams of pure Ag. 50% silver Threepences were produced during the reigns of King George V and into the early years of King George VI’s reign before they were phased out of circulation. You’ll find a range of dates, designs and portraits on our bulk Threepences, making them great for collectors. Nickel-brass threepences were also struck by The Royal Mint from 1937 to 1970 though these are not included in these packs as they contain no silver. As pre-owned coinage we can offer these bulk packs on the VAT Margin Scheme, making them an attractive option for the investor, looking for low premiums on silver. Choose how many kilograms you want and we’ll ship these coins free to your address (UK only).
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Bulk quantities of pre-owned .500 silver British Threepence coins, dated 1920 to 1945.

Are Silver Threepence Coins Valuable?

Threepences are 'Old Money' coins. You might have heard these coins called a 'thruppence' or a 'thruppeny bit'. They're also referred to as '3d' coins with the 'd' standing for pence, taken from the Latin word 'Denarius' - an ancient Roman coin. Threepence coins were used from Tudor times through until Decimal Day in 1971, after which these coins were demonetised.

Old Threepences, including silver ones can no longer be spent in shops but they are often found in coin collections or piggy banks. These British coins are tiny and very thin. They feature beautiful, intricate designs, making them appealing to look at. Collectors value scarce dates and high-grade examples.

As well as their 'numismatic' value, Threepences have an intrinsic value thanks to their silver content.

What Are Threepence Coins Made From?

Before 1947, many everyday British coins were made from real silver. Until 1920, 92.5% sterling silver was used by the Royal Mint to make Crowns, Halfcrowns, Florins, Sixpences and Threepences. In that year, the percentage of silver used was reduced to 50% with additional metals like copper included to produce a tough material, ideal for producing hardwearing coins.

This 50% or .500 fineness silver was used from 1920 until 1947 when silver was removed from circulating UK currency altogether. The use of silver for Threepences was phased out slightly earlier.

1920-1945 Silver Threepence Specifications

  • Weight: 1.41 grams
  • Diameter: 16.20 millimetres
  • Composition: 50% silver, 50% other metals

There were also nickel-brass Threepences produced by The Royal Mint between 1937 and 1970, concurrently for some years with silver Threepences. These are not included in these kilogram packages.

George VI Silver Threepences

The first 50% silver Threepence coins were minted in 1920 during the reign of King George V. These coins are easy to spot thanks to the royal portrait that appears on the 'heads' side, showing the King with his trademark moustache. Early coins from George V's reign feature a crowned number three design to the reverse or 'tails' side, the same design used on Maundy money. In 1928 this design was changed to one featuring three oak leaves and three acorns.

By the time that King George VI came to the throne in 1937 silver Threepence coins were going out of fashion. 50% silver 3d coins were produced by The Royal Mint until 1941 with an attractive shield and rose design. From 1942 until 1945 these coins were only produced for colonial use, outside of the UK. Those later issues are quite rare. 12-sided nickel brass Threepences were also being produced at the same time and eventually these replaced the silver coins altogether.

Mixed Date 50% Silver Threepences

Our bulk Threepence 1kg packs contain mixed-date coins produced under the reigns of George V and George VI. The designs and dates you receive depend on our current stock. You are unlikely to find Maundy 3ds or low-mintage years like 1926, 1930 or 1942-1945 in your order. If you are looking for a specific date or a rare coin from this period we recommend using the search bar on our website. We offer a range of high-quality Threepences and other historic UK coins. 

These coins are pre-sorted by our experts to ensure all the Threepences you receive are genuine and are made from .500 silver. These 3ds were previously circulated so they show they show wear and natural tarnishing, typical of old coins. This does not impact the silver content as we measure these orders out by weight. Examples that are very worn or defaced have been removed.

Investing In Pre-Decimal Silver Coins

British coins struck between 1920 and 1947 are not legal tender any more but remain valuable because of their high silver content. Halfcrowns, Florins, Shillings, Sixpences and Threepences produced in these years were all made from 50% silver.

Silver is a great long-term investment with a lower entry point than gold. Market fluctuations can be dramatic but silver is a great addition to a diverse precious metals portfolio.

These pre-1947 kilogram Threepence packs are our best value option for buying silver. We're able to offer such a good price because these second-hand, non-legal tender coins are subject to the VAT Margin Scheme meaning the only Value Added Tax you pay is already included in the small margin we charge.

Cash In Old Silver Threepence Coins

Got old silver Threepences you don't want? We'll buy your old coins for market-leading prices. Get cash for your 3d coins from home by visiting our Sell Your Coins page. We'll provide a free, no-obligation quote. If you're happy with our price all you need to do is post your coins to us. We'll pay you within 48 hours of your coins reaching our office in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire.


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