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2015 Magna Carta Two Pound Piedfort Silver Proof Coin

UK15MCPF 2015 Magna Carta Two Pound Piedfort Silver Proof Coin Boxed

Buy a 2015 Magna Carta Two Pound Piedfort Silver Proof Coin

On the banks of the Runnymede in 1215, King John agreed to a new charter of freedoms which would not only limit his powers, but placate the barons and knights who refused to accept the King’s previous aggressive taxation, confiscation of church property, and overall abuse of power. The lack of trust in the King was so acute that Clause 61 of the charter entrusted 25 barons with the power to enforce it should the King go back on his word. This charter is known as the Magna Carta. Although Civil War followed regardless, the Magna Carta laid the foundations for modern democracy. Three clauses are still enshrined in law today. 2015 marked eight hundred years since the Magna Carta was authenticated with the royal seal. In celebration of the anniversary, The Royal Mint released a series of commemorative coins, including this Piedfort silver proof Two Pound. The coin features a design by John Bergdahl on the reverse. He took inspiration from medieval art as well as the seal used by King John to affirm the charter. It depicts the King sat between a bishop and a baron, holding a scroll and quill. The legend reads ‘MAGNA CARTA 1215 - 2015’ in a medieval-style font similar to that which would have been used on the original seal. Above the figures, an ornate cornice and rose carving design adds further medieval context. In recognition of the Magna Carta’s importance for democracy, the edge inscription proclaims ‘FOUNDATION OF LIBERTY.’ While the coin is struck in .925 sterling silver, the outer band around the edge is also plated in fine gold. 1,988 were issued in this presentation, and it comes with the original box with numbered certificate of authenticity. The £2 weighs 24.00 grams and has a diameter of 28.40 millimetres.
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Portrait of Her Majesty the Queen by Jody Clark. Fifth official effigy. Legend around: 'ELIZABETH · II · D · G REG · F · D · 2 POUNDS · 2015'.


Medieval art style of King John flanked by bishop and baron. Ornate cornice above, with legend reading: 'MAGNA CARTA 1215 - 2015'. Artist: John Bergdahl.


24.00 grams of .925 sterling silver with band of fine gold plating. Diameter 28.40 millimetres. Face value £2 / Two Pound.


One of 1,988 in this presentation. Presented in the original box with its numbered certificate of authenticity. 


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