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One Ounce Silver Mixed-Date Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coins (Best Value)

One Ounce Silver Mixed-Date Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coins (Best Value)

Buy a One Ounce Silver Mixed-Date Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coins (Best Value)

These One ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins offer an ideal opportunity to purchase silver bullion at extremely low margins over the live metal price. In 1988, Canada became the fourth country to issue a one ounce silver bullion coin, behind Mexico, China and the United States. Produced in Winnipeg by the Royal Canadian Mint, the silver Maples are very popular with investors and collectors alike because of their top-quality finish and their high silver purity: the minimum fineness is 0.9999. The obverse of these silver 1oz coins shows one of three Canadian portraits of Queen Elizabeth II alongside the date and the face value of $5 / Five Canadian Dollars. On the reverse is the instantly recognisable symbol of Canada from which the bullion coin gets its name from: the Maple Leaf. Royal Canadian Mint engraver Walter Ott was responsible for the reverse design, which has been used on every single coin since it was released. You'll receive our choice of date from our current stock inventory, enabling you to purchase the coins at competitive prices. Specifications are a total weight of 31.10 grams and a diameter of 37.97 millimetres. All these pre-owned coins are guaranteed genuine by our in-house team of coin experts. An added bonus is they're sold on the margin scheme, which means VAT is only payable on the dealer's margin, making them an excellent purchase compared to new silver bullion. Included in our price is free delivery to UK addresses.
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Cheap silver bullion Maple Leaf coins in pre-owned condition. Sold on the margin scheme with The Britannia Coin Company.

Cheap Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Our best value silver Maple Leaf coins are all pre-owned. This means we can sell them under the margin scheme, which is much cheaper than purchasing them brand new. As the VAT is only paid on the dealer’s margin, you get a better deal all round!

You will receive our choice of date, chosen at random from our current stock of silver Maple Leaves. We generally have a range of dates available so do get in touch if you are looking for a particular year.

The Britannia Coin Company has strict standards for our best value bullion. Each Maple is meticulously checked to ensure that the weight and metal content are exactly as promised. Due to mass production methods, you may find that your one ounce Maple Leaf coins show milk spots, small scratches, edge knocks or blemishes, which is perfectly normal for bullion coins. The value of the coin isn’t affected, and we guarantee that every Maple we issue will be the correct weight.

Best Value Silver Maple Coins

Issued annually by The Royal Canadian Mint since 1988, the Maple Leaf is among the most popular silver bullion coins in the world. Each coin contains exactly one troy ounce of pure silver and measures 37.97 millimetres in diameter. They’re liable for capital gains tax in the UK as they don’t have a legal tender face value in pounds sterling.

Silver Maple Leafs are legal currency in Canada, having a nominal face value of $5. Theoretically you could use them as money in Canada, but you’d have to be mad to do so: the value of silver within the coin currently significantly exceeds the face value!

Mintage figures over the years have varied, but generally mintages for Maples issued from 2007 onwards dwarf the earlier versions of the coins. The picture, however, is not exactly clear, as the Royal Canadian Mint has not released official mintage figures for the coins since 2014.

These popular bullion coins are available in 1oz gold as well. 

Pre-Owned Silver

These silver bullion 1oz Maple Leaf coins are pre-owned. We make sure all our pre-owned bullion coins are the correct weight and are of bullion standard before offering them for sale. 

The main factor for them is pre-owned silver is nearly always cheaper than silver in new condition due to the fact that VAT is only applied to the dealer’s margin. Whether new or second-hand, these coins contain exactly the same amount of pure silver: one troy ounce each.

Another reflection on buying silver bullion is the rate which dealers will offer for it once you want to sell it on. In the vast majority of cases, bullion dealers will offer the same buy rate for Maples which have been pre-owned as with Maples which were bought new. Consider this before buying new silver coins with 20% VAT applied to their market value!

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM, French: Monnaie Royale Canadienne) is the national mint of Canada, established in January 1908 when the nation was part of the British Empire as the Dominion of Canada. Originally based in Ottawa, the RCM moved the vast majority of its minting capacity to larger facilities in Winnipeg in 1976, but still retains its headquarters in the Canadian capital.

The RCM produces all of Canada’s circulating coinage, as well as coinage for other nations. On top of this, it also produces commemorative coinage intended for collectors and precious metal bullion coins for individual investors all over the world. British Sovereign coin collectors will know that the RCM, then operating as the Ottawa branch mint of The Royal Mint, produced gold Sovereigns from 1908 to 1919. Nowadays, the RCM’s flagship precious metal coin is the Canadian Maple Leaf, which is available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Not only is the Royal Canadian Mint a world-class coin producer, it’s also a reputable precious metals refinery, becoming a member of the London Bullion Market’s ‘Good Delivery List’ in 1919. Today, it remains an integral member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the independent body now responsible for the oversight of the Good Delivery List. Gold bars and silver bars produced by the RCM are readily available worldwide.

Why Buy Silver Maple Leaf Coins?

There’s range of great reasons why you should consider adding silver Maple Leaf coins to your investment portfolio.

  • 0.9999 fineness: since their introduction in 1988, Maple bullion coins are minted using an incredibly high purity of silver
  • Margin scheme: VAT is only payable on our margin, making them cheaper than new silver coins
  • Global reputation: Silver Maples are recognised all over the world and are easy to buy and sell wherever you are
  • Attractive design: A simple yet attractive reverse design of a Maple Leaf makes the coins aesthetically pleasing
  • Low premiums: pre-owned Maples are sold at a low margin above the live spot price
  • Affordable: silver is relatively cheap compared to gold and is a feasible investment option for all kinds of budgets

Maple Design Features

The obverse of the silver Maple Leaf displays the same portrait of Her Majesty the Queen that appears on circulating Canadian coinage. Over the last thirty years, effigies by Arnold Machin (1988-1989), Dora de Pédery-Hunt (1990-2003) and Susanna Blunt (since 2004) have been featured. The legend reads ‘ELIZABETH II 5 DOLLARS' alongside the date.

The reverse shows a realistic Maple Leaf by Walter Ott: the best known symbol of Canada which also appears on the national flag. The legend above reads 'CANADA' and additional text highlights the weight and purity.

Security features were introduced to these coins in 2014, including a radial background pattern and a special laser-engraved mark. The Maple Leaf coins in your order could display these features, depending on the year issued. 

How Can I Sell A Silver Maple Leaf?

Do you have Canadian silver Maple Leaf coins that you would like to cash in? We buy these bullion coins and much more at our shop in Royal Wootton Bassett and by post. Visit our Sell Your Coins page for more information or contact us for a custom quote. 


We are always proud to show off our previous customers experiences with you and what they thought of our purchasing through with Britannia Coins.

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