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2020 Music Legends David Bowie Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Coin


Buy a 2020 Music Legends David Bowie Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Coin

(VAT Exempt)
A 1/4 ounce gold proof coin from the third collection in The Royal Mint’s Music Legends series. Celebrating the greatest British musical acts, the popular series has previously paid tribute to the likes of Queen and Sir Elton John. This 999.9 fine gold piece is from 2020’s David Bowie collection and features an instantly recognisable image of Ziggy Stardust himself. The artist, Jody Clark, was inspired by the Starman’s Berlin years and his design features the lightning bolt from his Aladdin Sane album. Clark chose to include 27 stars to represent each of Bowie’s studio albums. His work also appears on the reverse as he is the artist responsible for the fifth official coinage effigy of Her Majesty the Queen. Struck in 7.80 grams of gold, this 2020 coin measures 22.00 millimetres across and is comparable in size and weight to a Sovereign. It has a face value of £25, its legal tender status and gold content making this coin VAT and Capital Gains Tax free. You’ll receive your David Bowie gold coin in its stylish black presentation box and capsule from The Royal Mint alongside a numbered certificate of authenticity. A perfect gift for a Bowie fan.
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Twenty Five Pound gold coin, dedicated to David Bowie from The Royal Mint’s Music Legends series.

Royal Mint Music Legends

British artists have been dominating and transforming the world of popular music for decades and its high time that extraordinary legacy was celebrated on coinage. The Royal Mint's Music Legends series aims to do just that with collections themed around some of the UK’s greatest acts.

The series launched in early 2020 with collectible gold and silver coins starring rock band Queen. The same year saw a further release, inspired by Sir Elton John, followed by a slightly delayed third collection: a tribute to the late David Bowie.

Ever-eccentric, Bowie has inspired and enthralled since he released Space Oddity in 1969, gaining a new following with every reinvention. As Rolling Stone named him the 'Greatest Rock Star Ever' it was probably a given that Bowie would feature in The Royal Mint's series but we were still excited when the designs were revealed.

A Tribute to the Starman

The design that appears on the reverse of this one kilogram gold proof coin borrows some of the most recognisable imagery associated with Ziggy Stardust. The artist behind this work is Jody Clark whose portrait of Elizabeth II appears on the obverse of this piece. Speaking about his Music Legends design, Clark said:

‘I chose to work on an image of Bowie from the time in his career when he lived and recorded in Berlin. Behind his portrait I included the iconic and dynamic lightning bolt motif and I also added 27 stars to represent every one of the Starman’s studio albums.’

A similar image with small variations appears across the coins in this series, including this gold Quarter Ounce edition.

Collectible Gold Proof Coin

Minted in 7.80 grams of 999.9 fine gold, this David Bowie coin is the smallest gold piece in the series. It has a face value of Twenty Five Pounds and measures 22.00 millimetres across. It's struck to flawless proof standard using specially prepared dies.

The issue limit for this Quarter Ounce gold coin is just 1,300. It went out of stock very quickly on The Royal Mint website.

We're offering this Music Legends coin in its original presentation packaging from The Royal Mint. Sealed in its capsule, the coin is ensconced in a special all-black case. Also included: an information booklet and a numbered certificate of authenticity.


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